Sam Mustafa Charleston – Rape, Assault And Restaurants

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Source: Sam Mustafa Charleston – Rape, Assault And Restaurants

Sam Mustafa Charleston – Rape, Assault And Restaurants

June 9, 2022

In 2018, a Charleston police report revealed that Sam Mustafa Charleston, a Restaurant Association leader and a restaurateur had faced charges for assaulting a woman. 

According to the report, the incident occured behind Halls Chophouse in February 2018. The police charged him on May 7, 2018. 

There’s more.

The report says that the victim had recently cut ties with Sam Mustafa Charleston after an “on and off” relationship with him. On February 24, 2018, she met with her friends at Halls Chophouse. 

When she was exiting the restaurant, Sam allegedly started calling her name. 

She explains that Sam Mustafa Charleston grabbed her by the hair, causing her to bend over. Then, he forced face toward the ground. 

The victim says she was yelling “Please stop” repeatedly. 

Note that Mustafa is 6’6 and weighs over 240 pounds, according to the image report of Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. 

Then, he pushed her chest which caused her to fall backwards. The fall caused the victim’s head to hit the ground. 

After the incident, the victim took an Uber to Roper Hospital in Mt. Pleasant. There, the staff told her she had a concussion, bumps and bruises on her head and arms as well as a broken tooth. 

The victim claimed she did not file the charges immediately because Sam Mustafa is a well-known person in Charleston. 

This isn’t the first incidence of abuse where Sam Mustafa Charleston was charged. In 2013, he faced charges of rape but the authorities had to drop the case because of a lack of evidence. 

Furthermore, the victim of this incident took back the case later without giving an explanation. 

Who is Sam Mustafa Charleston Restaurateur? 

Sam owns the Charleston Hospitality Group through which he owns several bars and restaurants. These include:

Toast!Fill Restaurant & Piano BarToast of SummervilleCove Oyster BarToast of West AshleyQueologyHonkyTonk Saloon (Ladon and downtown)Charleston Hospitality and Catering

Also, he was the interim president of the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association. Although John Keener became the elected president in March 2018, P&C suggests Sam Mustafa Charleston maintained his VP role regardless.

Sam is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, Carbonale where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. 

Clearly, Sam Mustafa has a lot of influence in his locality. It seems he uses this influence to ensure his alleged victims don’t do him much harm. 

After all, both of the cases against him were dropped eventually. 


Sam Mustafa Charleston is a prominent restaurateur who faced charges of rape in 2013 and another case for assaulting a woman in 2018. 

In the first case, the victim’s testimony suddenly changed while the victim of the second case took back the charges herself. 

Furthermore, Sam has tried to clear his name by posting numerous PR articles online. These articles use the name “Sam Mustafa Charleston Restaurateur”. This way, they would bury the mention of any news articles mentioning the various cases he has faced. 

All of this indicates that people should be wary of Sam Mustafa Charleston, especially women.

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After going through the various media and police reports against Sam, it’s obvious that he is a dangerous person. Women should be particularly beware of him!








ProsNoneConsFaced charges of rape in 2013Arrested for assaulting a woman in 2018Uses paid PR articles


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