Royal Migration SolutionsRoyal Migration Horrible experience!…

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Source: Royal Migration SolutionsRoyal Migration Horrible experience!…

Royal Migration SolutionsRoyal Migration Horrible experience! United States

Royal Migration is a big fraud and not legit. They have duped me of AED 8000 for the past 17 months without a concrete reply. The manager Riyaz has spoken very rudely the customer service is pathetic and they do not have the ethics to speak to a lady. If we have had any questions he has not had any answers to our questions and on top of that he even exclaimed that I am asking idiotic question. Surprised to know this is how they treat their customers.Very disappointing service and rude behaviour from the case manager is what we have experienced. When asked to drop an email regarding my understanding of the case we have bluntly received an answer from Riyaz that he will not do it.The case managers have been repeatedly changing and the last case manager Riyaz doesnt event know what our case is about and what are they working on.When asked to explain the case manager regarding his understanding of my case he did not know what to tell us. He did not even know what is he working on and his approach was like a D-grade movie villan. Thats the last best I can explain him better. He arranged a call with me without even understanding what my case is.When asked to clarify all he repeatedly kept telling us is that your application is become stagnant. Very poor service and no decency at all.I fail to understand what kind of staff have they hired in this company and the audacity they have to speak to their customers in such rude fashion. Maybe they are trained that way by the company. Completely fail to understand their approach.

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