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I met and got married to what I thought was the most beautiful woman under the sun (MiDawn E Carterkirkeby) Owner of Realmilkbath.com. The beauty was from her heart as she always told me how she is a “Proverb 31 woman, it lighted up her face and her smile at all times. We met in Salt Lake City Utah, in January 2008. Things went very well for us and we got married on May 30th 2008 in Georgia. Her profile over christianmingle.com where we met was unique. She stood high over others; without children, never been married and willing to relocate just made me know that God has finally answered my prayers. I thought she was an Angel but for the fact that she did not have wings; she told me she has been celibate for the past 7 years.
When we met, she quickly realized that I have a very strong bond with my mother and that I love her a lot. I knew she was the right one for me because; she never stopped telling me how much she admired my mother. She made me understand that even without the paperwork formality of marriage, she considered herself already bonded to me to the extent that she would love to go and live with my mother in Cameroon (Africa). She took every occasion she found to talk to me about her plans of bringing my mother to the United States.
There was no one in her life but 2 of the 13 kids that her kid sister had (Alexandria (Alie) and Laurin. (Later I discovered that these two kids were hers and a 3rd one called Ryan.) I made her to understand that God has a purpose for all of us and that she is not to worry about not having family members and that I have Nieces and Nephews all over the place. I comforted her and told her my family will become yours and we will both have one huge family. I wanted to give her all that could make her happy, I told her that I have a great respect for honesty and that faith in each other is built on love and trust. She agreed with me and told me her life was an open book in front of me.
We talked about our childhood. She told me how her mother (Theresa Wang) abused her to a point where she was once hit her on the head with a hammer. Subject to a never ending stream of abuses, she was bound to flee from her Mother’s house; a mansion of 14, 000 square feet in Connecticut.at the age of 14.
Her father “Lord” Kristopher is Australian born; he met her mother in Yale University where they were both Law students. They both could not live together because her mother is a hoarder. This drove her father crazy and he abandoned the property to her. He now lives in Dubai where most of his business is concentrated.
Around July 2008, I got a call from Lord Kristopher Carterkirkeby introducing himself as my Father-in-law. He told me he owns properties in the US, England, Dubai and Australia. He told me that in all he has 128 different corporations all of them very successful with a total workforce of 205 personnel and 123 trucks; the most prominent of which is his casket business that has gained him world a world reputation. He said it was rather unfortunate that I met his daughter when their relationship was down to zero because he had cut her off her trust fund. He hoped that it will all change with me in the picture. I told him about myself as well and the fact that I was in the trucking business for myself with two trucks and two trailers.
Lord Kristopher was married now married to Countess Carmen Bonitez who owns what I think is a smoke screen for the scam that was to hit me. He was planning to get a divorce with Countess Carmen who was alleged to be pregnant with quintuplets. “The Countess” Carmen used to call me about once every week and more whenever Lord Kristopher desired a conference call. “Very tactfully, I kept everybody’s secret that pretty much turned me to a listener.” The countess had told me Lord Kristopher pays huge amounts of money to satellite companies and can zoom into our homes and listen in conversations. Midawn made me live in constant trepidation of her father who had killed Nikkie’s former husband because the man abused her. She also told me Lord Kristopher had been in the drug business; this traumatized me for such people are known to be very dangerous. I was also made to understand that because of Lord Kristopher’s involvement in the drug business, Midawn is incapable of adoption. She told me that he had even called a restaurant in which she was and changed the order that she placed; this call was made all the way from Australia. I was constantly terrorized by his calls to a point where I became nervous. This threw me into a feat of constant horror. Lord Kristopher made it a point in reminding me that I was “under the scrutiny of the biggest microscope I could ever think of.”
Lord Kristopher told me it was a good thing I was in the trucking business in which he is a veteran. He asked me what my current problems in the business were and that he is in the position to give me sound advice because he has over 30 years under his belt in trucking. He urged me to listen to him; paying attention to all that he says and all will be fine when he will offer me some of the contracts that his 123-truck fleet is now having. He told me to keep to myself. This was over-emphasized in ALL the conversations that I had with him. He made me understand that he not only knew the exact amount of money that had gone through my bank accounts; he also was aware of the contents of my telephone conversations. At this point; for my own safety, I cut out communications with my friends and family inn order to develop what “Lord Kristopher” called a millionaire mentality.
The most dreadful moment of my life was when Lord Kristopher told me to write a will and exclude my brothers the very next day, MiDawn asked me for my brother’s phone numbers saying that if something were to happen to me, she would not know who to contact. This to me was a clear indication that some plans were underway against my life. I would very much insist on having a restraining order against MiDawn. Based on what I heard from Carl Shepherd, Roni Brown, Victor Hakim and Gabriel Arcizo(These people had a relationship with MiDawn between the year 2000 and 2006)
On the 7th of November, I was at home with her and her cell phone (which I bought for her) rang and she told me it was her grand father from Japan. She jumped out of bed grabbed her phone and went out of the bedroom. After an hour, I went looking for her and found her in locked up in the car in the garage still on the phone. She told me she will be coming to bed later. This was very odd to me because that would have been an opportunity for me to talk with My Grand Father-in-law for the first time.I went back to bed and waited. The phone call lasted over 2 hours. I became so suspicious that I called Sprint (my cell phone provider to give me details about the call). This was not possible; I was forced to wait till December to get the details of the phone call from the phone bill.
To my dismay, the call was made from a Georgia number. I googled the number and it gave me the name Jerome Cooper. (I noticed she had called that number 74 times in the month of November.) I proceeded to calling that number and nobody answered the phone.
I also found out she had called another 54 times and I googled the number too but it did not come up with a name because it was a cell phone number. I went ahead and called it any way and introduced myself as Bj (MiDawns husband). I heard a gasp on the other end of the line. The person I was speaking to was David Washington (Jerome’s best friend who confided in me that My Wife had left the State of Georgia with Jerome to get married in an undisclosed location. They left in my car. (I have not been able to get my car back despite several attempts to report it as stolen.)
At this point, I sent a text message to “The Countess” my wife’s step mother asking her to extend my congratulations to MiDawn on her wedding. Her reply was “That is such shocking news to me that I almost lost my pregnancy, there seems to be something going on that I do not know about” (She was alleged to be pregnant with quintuplets for Lord Kristopher.) “Tell me more please”
At that point, I sent a message back saying she knew everything and that she and Lord Kristopher were talking to David and Jerome all the time.(She thought I had not found out who Lord Kristopher was. I deliberately threw in that bait about Lord Kristopher and she fell for it). This is why she tried to further intimidate me by saying that I should not talk about her family in such a manner, verify my facts and speak with caution. At this point I sent her another text message saying facts have been adequately verified and went further to mention the dates, times and durations of 3 conference calls which they had. Then she threatened me with going ahead to dispose of my immigration documents. I had no prior knowledge she had my immigration papers. Her being in possession of my immigration papers made it impossible for me to file my appeal in time.
MiDawn, too told me she was going to petition for me as a spouse; in which case, I would not have to continue with the asylum proceedings which is not only costly but is also uncertain.
Sometime in the month of July, MiDawn drove me 42 miles away from the house for me to pick up the truck and head out of state. I asked her to do some shopping and that it will take me about an hour to get the truck loaded. After that, I would stop at the mall and pay for the things and we will both head off. While at the mall, MiDawn was driving towards me when I was still on the phone with her father. Two months later, I went back checking the phone bills and found out that the call from her father originated from MiDawn’s cell phone. I asked her where her father was early July and she told me he was in Dubai. Then I asked how come he made a call to me from her phone. She lost her temper began screaming at me, saying I do not trust her and that her father was in Georgia and she just vaguely forgot.
Let me digress here and throw some light as to how much of a liar and manipulator MiDawn is. I got desperate about getting my car back from her so as to destabilize her from preying on another victim. Since my attempts to report the car as stolen were futile, I called the bank and told them I was giving up the car (voluntary repossession). I had the bank call the Police of Fulton County, Georgia where she was with her new husband. The Police told her she should park the car on the driveway for the tow truck to come and get it.
She decided to take the car out of state to South Carolina. In order to stop the Police and the repo guys from looking for the car, she actually called the Police herself and told them that she left the car on her driveway and it had been picked up. She is the type who will refuse she did something even if she is caught red-handed. She might even flat out claim she was not the one.
My wife (I wonder if I can with-stand calling her that, not after the betrayal of (LOVE) the most holy of status; I found out from David that Jerome would even sleepover in my house. I paid all the bills in the house and MiDawn never contributed a dime. She would tell her friends that I was her driver instead of her husband; I never knew about that until I started finding out about her telephone calls and the fact that she never was at home. She used to leave the house 12 times a week in the name of going to Church. She told me there was a counseling session arranged by the World Changer’s Church based on the fact that I was abandoning the marriage – (not spending time with her.) I tried to explain to her that it was not practical for her to go in for counseling when I am the one at fault, but of course she was never going to see it the way I saw it.
I was locked out of my own house by MiDawn in the presence of Alana Garrette. I was later to learn that she told Alana Garrette that I was one of her truck drivers that might break into MiDawn’s house. Alana happens to be a victim of the scam too. She was made to move into my house on false promise by Lord Kristopher and MiDawn.
It was with a lot of shock that I learnt that MiDawn had once packed out all my things from the house to her friend (Kimberley’s garage) for a period of two weeks; this is suggestive of the fact that she was having male company sleep over at my house. It therefore was not surprising to me when David told me that Jerome used to sleep over in my house. Midawn had told me to pay Kimberley back for the fact that she bought a ticket for Lord Kristopher to come visit me and I was not home. That proper family etiquette required me to cover the cost of his trip and stay in the W-hotel in Atlanta. The total came up to be ($2700 air ticket AND $2400 hotel bill ($5, 100.00). I later discovered this was a hoax and that Kimberley never even talked to this man. Midawn made me understand that in appreciation for her footing the bills in my absence, he took her out for dinner and a Limousine ride around Atlanta
Midawn, I noticed had forged letters bearing information on the Marley Trust Funds and impersonated Ms Carmen Pagano (e-mail contact info is available). The CEO of the supermarket chain Nieman Marcus (Karen Katz) was also impersonated in a fake $ 85 million distribution contract. Realmilkbath.com is a company that specializes on body care products made with 100% milk. This company is owned by MiDawn. She got me involved in the purchase of the raw materials and machines that she needed by making me believe in falsified accounting documents from a Dallas based bank (I have copies of these statements) putting the company earnings to an average $5000 per day. I was made to understand that Ramon Ruiz has worked for Realmilkbath for 14 years and Victor Perea for 6 years. It turned out Ramon Ruiz has only put in a little over two years in the business and works in exchange for a relationship. Victor on the other hand has put in a little less than a year in return for promises which to this day have not been met.
The tactic used by MiDawn is to impersonate individuals (Ms. Carmen Marley, Charles Haley) and companies (Niemen Marcus) by writing letters that imply a huge distribution contract is underway from these individuals and companies to RealMilkbath (her). This pushes her victims to invest in her business; in my case, it cost me $23, 000. In Victor’s case, he is still awaiting his pay. To Alana Garrette, it caused her untold hardship to a point she almost became homeless.
In Novermber of 2008, both my personal credit score and business performance was so good that BilBoa Financial Company gave me a 150, 000.00 line of credit. This money came in the form of a Credit card which I was supposed to call and activate. What ensued was a never ending attempt for me to buy 3 more trucks. MiDawn drove me crazy by mentioning this an every conversation; knowing it was just a matter of time, I will get deported for her to be the beneficiary of my business. Her father too even said he was not going to give me some of his contracts if I did not increase my fleet to 5 trucks. This insistence instigated a lot of suspicion and I resisted. I have now finally come to the conclusion that it was based on her plan to have me deported so that she can own my company which with her calculation will be 5-trucks strong.
She abused funds in three credit card accounts (Washington Mutual, Bank of America and Providian). She used to blast the heat up in the house and turn the electrical oven on in order to “heat up the house”. I am now indebted to the tune of $23, 000.00 from credit card companies, rents, utilities and the running cost of my business. In all this, her father was insistent upon me buying a BMW or Mercedes SUV for her. He kept threatening that he would himself organize my deportation. Once he said he was going to put me in one of his caskets. My whole life became a “to tell or not to tell” story. In almost every conversation that I had with him, he would remind me to disclose the topic of discussion. It got to a point where I could not answer my cell phone for fear of the fact that he was listening in.
I found that MiDawn was a prostitute and I have reason to belief that she has these tendencies and that she even used my house as a brothel for the two week period during which she moved my things over to her friend Kimberley’s house. She had subscribed to an Adult magazine advertising herself as a prostitute (October 08 2002)(I am not very sure, I can verify the date and correct it) her profile and pictures were on page 30. I have also gathered about 5 pages of what appears to be her prostitute calendar. There is also a print out of an internet adult site that also had her profile (adultfriendfinder.com) stating that she charged $200 in calls and $250 outcalls.
In my attempt to find out about her past, I had to speak to most of the people she had called the whole duration of our marriage. To my dismay, I founf out she had been married to David C.Rambadt (2000 till 2005). She was engaged to Carl Shepherd and Victor Hakim and had as well as maintaining the prostitute carrier. I have not been able to speak with David C. Rambadt but I know he filed bankruptcy after meeting MiDawn. Carl Shepherd told me he lost a substantial sum of money, he was also a victim of terrorism from Lord Kristopher. Gabriel M. Arcizo of 1807 Angleridge Cove, Carrollton, TX 75006; tel: [protected] and Robert T. Armstrong (35 Long Hill Rd, Andover, CT 06232. Tel [protected]). Midawn has a company called realmilkbath.com. I bought products for this company worth tens of thousands of dollars. I called one of her suppliers (Mr Devon Gaset) (Tel [protected] or [protected]) and found out she had told me she needed $7500.00 to pay for 52 midium sized drums of milkbath shampoo when the actual price was $750.00
With such horror in my mind I used to tremble with fear when speaking to him. In one of the occasions, I was visiting my brother in Texas when he called and threatened me. He even tried to threaten Alie Murrillo (Tel: [protected]) (My host) who saw the fear in me and said this was not healthy at all.
She wanted me home 100% of the time yet I was the only bread winner. Everyone who has been in business for himself will tell you that the first 5 years of any business determines whether or not the business will succeed or fall flat on its belly.
Midawn received a call on the landline from one of the Drivers of Samdumu Int. (Mr. Jermon Walker) (Tel: 512 ___________. She told this man that she was the owner of the trucking company. She said that I had stolen $23, 000.00 from her as well as her truck and that it was time for the driver to go back home, he should consider himself under fired.
During thanks giving, I wanted to meet Midawn on my way to Miami from Minnesota. She refused to meet with me even though this was going to be the first meeting since she announced to me she was pregnant with triplets. In my quest to find out where MiDawn was during thanksgiving, I stumbled into a shocking discovery that she had an 18 year old daughter. On a later occasion when interviewed by The Foulton County Policeon the 29th of December 2008, she lied about the biological mother of the 18 year old daughter; Alexandria Carter. On this occasion, she had the police officer so confused that he had to ask for back-up. MiDawn also gave false names to the Police. (See copy of Police report from Fulton County GA made by Jerome Cooper Tel. [protected]). It turned out that she has 13 different names on her credit file.
On the 19th of December, in my attempt to convince the family of Jerome Cooper (The man my wife got married to on the 15th of December 2008), I came to another terrifying discovery; MiDawn was the biological mother of two other children that I was not aware of. Ryan who today lives with his Aunt Nikkie and Loraine Baker who today lives with her biological father (David Baker) in Florida. Trish Cooper (The sister to MiDawns new husband did this research).
My attempts to satisfy her, and “her threatening father” who happens to be powerful enough to get away with murder has petrified me; made me hope for nothing but the desire to remain alive. Nothing I did made sense to her and “her father she will blame me on and on and on just to break my spirit constantly tearing my mind apart with the horror stories of the outcome I will meet with by not doing what “they” want me to do.
Where do I go from here?
Recently, there is a 62 yr old victim as per this website (http://www.agentsonline.net/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/314531/Re_Reverse_Mortage.html#Post314531 )

Found At: Rhemamilkbath.com, Lord Christopher, Mi Victorious Carter, Erika Carter-Kirkeby, – Extortion, Fraud Perjury

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