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Source: Raphael Seghers – Luxembourg – vancouver -Spain – USA – Canada –…

Raphael Seghers – Luxembourg – vancouver -Spain – USA – Canada – New York – liar – manslut – don’t trust – photographer

I can’t expose my identity at this point but my path crossed with Raphael Seghers this summer in Vancouver. I was taking a break from my 14 year marriage and exploring online dating. First Raphael is on every site and constantly looking for women. You can track him through the dating apps and know when he still looking for others. Sadly I fell into his trap and smooth lines of looking for a soulmate. Ladies beware. Not an ounce of truth here. Not worth a second of your time. This lesson has taught me not only do I value my marriage but I value the truth. I see the pitfalls single women encounter out there and how true hope causes us to be distracted from our own truth. He is quick to declare his love but he is a narcissist and loves himself only. Conversations revolve around him. An ambundance if photos of himself. Bored you to death with a barrage of his photos. Did he even ask me a single question about me? Promises of a future and to whisk me away to Europe to be with him. Yet when trying to book this next adventure he does not commit to it. Says he will pay to bring you over and then excuses why he can’t right now. Vague and flaky answers yet all when exposing very little about himself. Always back to him.if you creep his social media @raphaelphotographer it’s mostlt of him and his ego. When I did some research he has not worked as a photographer since 2012. I think there is more to how he earns his income as he will not answer these questions. Wouldn’t you if building and promising a life together?
To make this story worse I mistakenly slept with him. I ended up with an STD. He couldn’t take me anywhere and was in a park, low class. I fell into the trap. Ladies not worth it. Being kind I would say average at best sex and I feel he has bizarre fetish tendencies. Smells of cigarettes and cheap overpowering cologne. I saw his phone and I was not the only woman he was in contact with in Canada. Endless photos of women as well. Is this the reality? In his 50s and basically a Gigilo. I’d say in his photos looks ok but he’s an aging hippie wearing a man bun to cover his balding head and not a masculine dresser, it’s hoscway to bash others though. Average looks and add to that endless talk of past women and himself – I’d call it ugly.
Very opinionated and thrives on shock value. Odd relationship with his son, if even his son.
I see how women are fooled. I am a leader in my ethnic community and the business community and I was fooled. I have decided I am focusing on my marriage and to help other women expose these kind of men. No more taking advantage of a hopeful heart, no more stealing women’s money, no more casting aside after what is supposed to be s tender moment. I am standing up for you ladies and will launch a local site to share your stories. If you have a story about Raphael Seghers please share in the comments.

I have posted and had them taken off sites so please help women have a safe place to share.

As I repost this it was moments ago a received terrible message from a woman claiming to be in Raphael Seghers’ camp and her anger towards me messing up her relationship with him. Well I see it I saved her so much grief and based on how she was blithering and crying she was actually hurt by Raphael. Perplexing how she had my contact information at all. I feel now I’m under attack for only sharing my truth and opinions. But thank you to her for telling me my posts were removed somehow.

Please share
God bless.

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