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Rafal Turek Reviews

No matter what you do, do not do business with his person. This person (1) cant read (2) thinks he can blackmail and get way with it (3) file fraud credit card disputes to steal merchandise. This ahole will buy an item from someone and then within seconds start complaining on why the item still hasnt shipped.

He makes all this drama to give fraud information to his credit card company when he calls them trying to steal both the product and the money from you. This idiot knows, we dont take responses from idiots like him that want the item 1 second after buying it after it states 10 different times on what the ship time is. This moron will sign a document and then contact his credit card company claiming he cancelled the item. He’s that stupid, knowing full well that we are going to take signed document and have him arrested on shop lifing charges.

Don’t bothing calling this idiot because the second you do, he will start blackmailing you start asking for all this informaiton and then slams the phone on you when he doesnt get his way. Like someone is really going to give you information after you just filed a fraud dispute and try to steal from someone are you really that stupid. Well we’ll find out when we see you in a criminal court of law!

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