Racists Arrested After Pulling Gun On Innocent Man

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A racist family pulled a gun on a black man for no particular reason while calling him racial slurs. Jayar Jackson and Dan Evans break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE weekdays at noon ET. http://youtube.com/watchlisttyt/live


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Watch more at: Racists Arrested After Pulling Gun On Innocent Man

42 thoughts on “Racists Arrested After Pulling Gun On Innocent Man”

  1. I tried to look up the location of this video and guess what? Google has tons of similar news stories. SMH.

  2. Nice to see them with a gun pointed at them getting arrested.

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Commented before I got to the point when he said they were arresting the victim first. I was this close 👌🏼 to giving cops some credit here ..I should have known. Glad they got it right eventually.

  3. Why did Cop's assume that the Black guy was the problem

    Media portray Black Men as the criminals on the News in Movies on Shows

    Cop's are trained to target Black Men
    there are videos of Cop's using
    Black Men on posters as
    targets to shoot in their training

    It's that Old Southern Racist mentality that Black Men need to be chained and shackled out of their own fear of another that they do not see as a Human being .


  5. The Americana "culture" is part of the racist problem in this country, that white boy watches too much bullshit on tv and the movies where the white guy is ALWAYS the patriotic hero and the black, brown, or red guy is the "terrorist"! That's how dumb these people have gotten…

  6. Everybody’s a racist now. It’s not like these white people had any reason to be afraid of a black man waking up on them. Wtf wake up people

  7. This stain needs to be removed from society. These people need to know, this behavior is unacceptable. Good thing that guy was there.

  8. People keep saying what did the black dude do obviously nothing when people who live on the street came to his defense they were just racist

  9. So refreshing to see it the other way around lol! Oh I knew it! After listening further
    they came for the brotha first until the white dude spoke up (God bless him) Das f*cked up but all turned out well.

  10. Oh! I get it! He's white. Colored folks ain't never racist! My bad. 😂 I feel so silly. Like AOC.

  11. Where is the final APPLAUSE?
    PS: Next time the black dude needs to run back and put on a suit before the cops arrive.

  12. Looks like y'all need to start getting y'all cousins Pookie and Ray Ray from the hood to start chilling with you guys. It would stop the senseless deaths ( black on-black crime)🤭🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂
    Just kidding cuz I don't want to get sequestered 😂😂😂 I have to laugh to stop myself from crying 😂😂😂😂

  13. Our government started this to divide us and now want us to kill each other
    Please rise above their evil plan

  14. Let's Pat these damn cops for doing their job after a white man had to tell them they were doing it wrong! F*cking disgusting! And oh yes let's put sugar cubes in our mouth when we talk to the white people and " ask" them to walk backwards towards the sound of their voices! Why don't you treat them like the black kid you were about to slam on the d*** concrete? You know it's a d*** shame that people of color have to rely on an upstanding white person to be nearby to verify their words when they themselves call the cops! As a person of color you'll be in a dire situation desperately needing help and the only people you can call are the ones that are potentially throw your a** in jailer shoot you when they show up to save what was supposed to be you! The f**** country we live in!

  15. If it hadn't been for this guy the one that was assaulted the African American would have went to jail. They had already made up their minds when they had arrived only after the persistence of this gentleman did they finally give up and actually go with the truth instead of trying to railroad a black man.

  16. Keep pulling your guns on us white, first it’s the police, next is the white citizens, keep it up, some of y’all are gonna lose y’all lives.

  17. Shyyyttt… him and his btch woulda been swizz cheese, literally 😈. They pick the non-violent ones everytime smh😤.

  18. The white couple still got treated and arrested without force. If it was the other way around, the young man would have been thrown down to the hot pavement/sidewalk with 20 cops holding him down while yelling at him to stop resisting 🙄. Sure, cops did the right thing, they even sugarcoated their words while asking the white girl to come to them…”walk towards the sound of my voice, walk towards me, ok?” notice his tone?

  19. I wanna see the whole video why do they show only some parts what caused it most of video's done by blacks don't tell the entire story.

  20. Oh now she's crying, did she really just say 'this can't be happening!' the hell you can't just point guns at people. What a dumb freaking twat. So gross.

  21. Try ….when minorities MUGGING and killing VIDEOS…WHERE IS IT??? YA RACE BAITER HYPOCRITES 🤑😈

  22. This is another Young Turks spin-off Outlet so they will actively lie to you on purpose and the narrative is police are always bad white people are bad and black people can do no wrong so just be mindful of the information provided and the source you're getting it from


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