Racist Wanda

Uploaded By: Max Justh

Based on a meme I saw on the internet, in this edit Wanda confuses Black Bolt with Captain Marvel (Maria Rambeau). Could it be that her confusion is the key to defeat her?

This Mouth – Der Xer (End credits song):
Please check out his song xD

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27 thoughts on “Racist Wanda”

  1. In case anyone is curious, the footage used to show Wanda blowing up is from terminator 2 when Sarah Connor has a nightmare

  2. Bruh, it’s stupid how Wanda got so many bodies, if they didn’t sit there like idiots and decided to actually kill Wanda instead of trying to negotiate with her then they would’ve all survived, plus they attacked her one at a time, like really?? Plus dude really expected his Mrs. Incredible head ass to defeat someone who has magic that practically can change reality.


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