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This racist man demands to be given priority over a homeless patient at the clinic. When he doesn’t get his way he ends up bullying an immigrant nurse who has the misfortune of treating him. Thinking his status and wealth will always protect him, he does the unthinkable…Until his evil behaviour is finally put to a stop by an unlikely person.

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35 thoughts on “Racist Man BULLIES Homeless Patient | Paradigm Studios”

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  2. Oh man this could have even been good from the clip that I saw on shorts but this is totally just not even good it's just people going oh I wouldn't say that to that man I'm a good person

  3. Imagine he id RUDE but he is threatening the nurse….dome people just LOVE to throw their weight around…Dr John grants him his request…he is a LIAR…

  4. This vid was so good. 👍🏼 Please let there be a part 2 🙏 thank you for creating such an amazing contents…. Keep up the good work 😃

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  6. Don't judge a book by its cover. Everyone should be treated equally . As the Bible says love one another. Love your enemy.

  7. Great idea, end the story at peek point of ur story. Not sure if I’m missing something here but is there an ending to this?
    If not then why even put this story out
    I thought It was going somewhere lol

  8. I've watched 2 of these videos, and although I think they are good, they dont have an ending, and there isn't a 2nd video.

  9. This is one of the toughest situations that you may encounter. One is an investor that might withdraw funds and one is a seeming nobody. And, a nurse gets a taste of her own medicine….

  10. As someone who worked in a nurse team in a psychiatry (even if it was a VERY short period of my life) I was taken aback when the doctor said: "you are just a nurse". Nurses spend more time with the patients than doctors ever will. Nurses have all the rights to question your every move even though you are in a position to give orders to them. Doctors not listening to their nurses is negligent at best and life threatening at worst.


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