Racist Karen Gets What She DESERVES..

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In this video you will see Karen public freakout moments, karen gets owned, karen videos, karen gets owned by police, karen gets owned by skaters and karen complications!

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50 thoughts on “Racist Karen Gets What She DESERVES..”

  1. If I was the cab driver I would of went to the back door start laying into the fat guy dragged his ass out after some punches then left him find his way home

  2. Our country has turned to shit because of these stupid animals. There's no fixing this mess. Game over. If you have the resources, get out. There ARE better places to live on this planet.

  3. It's sad and so ignorant how some European settlers AKA white people are so uneducated and forgetful they they're not originally from the Americas 🌎, all "white" people are originally from Europe 🌍 like it or not. So please educate yourself if you're racist.

  4. Ok i get the point but no other nationalities have ever been racists to one another?so bad stereotypes everyone can be rasist its not only whites.

  5. A Karen wouldn't be a Karen if she wasn't racist. Also let her come to the UK plenty of white people here with brown theeth and they barley speak English. It also worth mentioning the best doctors in this country are non-white.

  6. The guy who helped the man with the brides is an absolute chad. We need more people like that homie right there. 6:12

  7. I would let them Call me names I don't care touch me or hit me it will be a different story white folks ain't shit with out a camera or calling coos and suing when they get there assess handed to them


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