Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this.. #4

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Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this.. #4

Karen’s think they can say anything, But what happens when a Karen says the wrong thing!

In this video you will see Karen VS Judge freakout moments, Karen public freakout moments, court cam footage, karen videos and karen compilations!

Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this..

When A Karen Goes To Prison.. (PART 2, UPDATE)

KAREN Doesn’t Trust POLICE After this…

Karen Pulls Gun At Airport after this..

When A Karen Goes To Prison..

Karen Attacks Judge Then Regrets it


When a Karen Goes to PRISON . . .

When a Karen Goes To PRISON !

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34 thoughts on “Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this.. #4”

  1. The guy requesting the "pride flag" to be taken down was not a karen. He was a based man calling out a grooming agenda for what it is. Everyone knows the truth.

  2. Baba hahahah a dude in the closet bleached hair and a lady mustache hahhaha satins rainbow !!!! Best ever … that bleach went to your head. ( love pet-smart )

  3. the Walmart employee should be insta fired. the guy in petsmart who has an issue with the pride flag should get his face caught in a lawnmower.

  4. I used to work at Walmart and though not every customer is a Karen the normal customer are few and far between so I find the girl hanging up on that lady hilarious. You could tell she called there just to ruin someone's day

  5. First off the guy that got the room the lady got the room wrong that's not being a Karen that's getting your room wrong and being upset about it anybody would be the same way like seriously

  6. The Pecto guy is 100 on point!
    If pecto had a confederate flag and some lib nut told them to take it down, they would take it down.
    Double standards here.
    It's disgusting.
    Gays are born gay so it's no really a problem, the problem is Hollywierd and the left want to indoctrinate our kids into believe a man can be a women just because he wishes it. That's a nice way of causing mental problems for future generations to come.
    If leftist can complain about confederate flags then Right wingers can complain about the Pride flag.
    And this i say as someone who is a moderate.

  7. I do agree with the guy asking to take the pride flag out of sight…he´s right what he is arguing about our children being sexualized and pedophiles…

  8. It's really annoying when there is text posted on the screen, but the narrator just quickly paraphrases it rather than read along with me.


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