Racist Karen Gets Hit with Instant Karma While On Holidays!

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Racist Karen Gets Hit with Instant Karma While On Holidays!

In this video you will see Karen VS Judge freakout moments, Karen public freakout moments, court cam footage, karen videos and karen compilations!

Racist Karen Gets INSTANT KARMA after this..

When A Karen Goes To Prison.. (PART 2, UPDATE)

KAREN Doesn’t Trust POLICE After this…

Karen Pulls Gun At Airport after this..

When A Karen Goes To Prison..

Karen Attacks Judge Then Regrets it


When a Karen Goes to PRISON . . .

When a Karen Goes To PRISON !

Karen Gets Caught Stealing Package after this..

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29 thoughts on “Racist Karen Gets Hit with Instant Karma While On Holidays!”

  1. The cut to narration while a single clip is being run is so unnecessary dude. Pad out the video another day. Talking between clips is annoying as it is, but cutting a single clips down with your voice is so obnoxious.

  2. Man me and some friends were drinking at the Atlanta airport and my boy got so drunk he walked into the wall boarding the plane 😂🤣
    We convinced the flight attendant to let him on because we were about to deploy to Afghanistan and we had to babysit him the whole flight back to Texas. Worst part is she wouldn’t let any of us drink on the flight 😭

  3. Okay so someone definitely filmed me yesterday…. But I’d like to say on my behalf, I have CRPS, crohns, Lupus, Hashimoto’s and chronic PTSD which disregulated my nervous system. I nearly died three years ago, couldn’t walk for a year and I’m slowly climbing back from hell. I have a service dog. Fully trained and legit award winning. I am bullied on every flight for illegal paperwork requests for my alert dog. The guy just didn’t like dogs I think idk. I had an episode, my eyesight went, my hands locked up, I fainted, and woke up A little pissed. I’ve been physically attacked for my dog, I’ve been BUT NEVER ONCE has a manager, pilot or any authority ever report me or my dog. It’s just triggered people that see a 30sometjing skinny white girl with a “service animal” assume I’m a Karen and legit go off on me. I’ve had to call the cops so many times bc I was physically injured. My dog did her alerts so I didn’t get hurt yesterday thankfully. But man I’m sure I looked crazy. It’s not a pretty sight. Can’t wait to see myself on you to be woohoo


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