Racist attack in South African University: Urine assault sparks protest | World…

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In the latest racist attack in South African University, a student urinated in a Black student’s room sparking unrest. Students are now demanding an enquiry and assault has sparked protests.

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39 thoughts on “Racist attack in South African University: Urine assault sparks protest | World…”

  1. Like I have said before… In south africa, white people still hoard apartheid money in their communities. Still have racist tendencies. Most of South Africa's wealth was accumulated over generations by a minority white race of 8 million people. Now everyone is free, there are 46 million people of colour who want some of that wealth. Ofcourse south africa is going to suffer if a minority white race holding a majority of wealth leaves 46 million others to fight over peanuts. When people complain, white people cry, liquidate their wealth and move to the uk or USA. Only white people walk their dogs and go surfing in south africa. Tuesday mornings, these guys are having coffee in malls while every other race works.

  2. I'm so tired of these type of stories. Everywhere they go the same problem with these people.
    White people are all the same racists and will never change. Period!

  3. Black South Africans are the laughing stock of the world by protesting about racism in their own country their anger is towards each other

  4. White people in south African don know how black people fought with themselves inside to not send them back to Europe in 1994. They keep thinking they have some sort of superiority even though they live as guest on the continent of africa. it is a pity to watch when people just don get it like some white people dont

  5. If a black student had done that they'd have published his name and his families name . They wouldn't be blurring his face but…

  6. All black people in Africa that are mistreated by whites or any other nation deserves it. Because how can u be black in Africa and not be the dominant race. Push the white people out their houses, take their properties and businesses. A little protest will not charge a man who is racist at heart. Black people must stand up and not protest but instead fight the oppression and take full control by force.

  7. isn’t Africa a black peoples continent and home??
    How the hell black so-called leaders and people on ahold alow these type of actions on the continent?? Where are the revolutionaries

  8. The South Africa government is to be Blame,it's black people country and they cannot stand firm and address the Apartheid system that's is still engolfing the nation , the worst is to come if this is addressed head on

  9. There's alot happening luckly this happened in big institution

    Whites in south africa are doing worse than this

  10. Who have ears to hear let them hear. Who have eyes to see let them see. Peace be still. Silence all people working on demonic syndrome. Satan you evil madman. I will deal with you when the time is right. I defeated you once and I will do it again and again. You will be cast into the pits of hell.

  11. Is there substantial evidence that the incident is racist in nature? What if the two individuals had a personal issues that they themselves had to resolve? Can we conclusively say that this is a racial issue?

    Has the media exaggerated this to a racial issue so that it is easier to sell this news? More evidence is required

  12. Black South Africans and whites south africans they're all racists only fewer are right

  13. Why is white man in charge of the university and why is he talking. That’s the problem. Put them out if your country.

  14. The Racist should have just received the beating of his life on the spot and no march would have been necessary, the black students of today bring tears to my eyes.

  15. You can take them out of their Neanderthaler cave but you can’t take that Neanderthaler cafe mentality out of them!

  16. South Africa is not a rainbow nation, let's not pretend white people and black people can leave in Harmony after a recent history of apartheid 🙄

  17. He impressed people who worn be there for him in the feature what a stupid young man taking his feature to hell

  18. He should be expelled from the country not from the university🤦 South Africa is still colonized 😭😭😭😭😭


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