r/F***YouKaren – Racist Neighbour…

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44 thoughts on “r/F***YouKaren – Racist Neighbour…”

  1. Note: The "habitable zone" is the region where liquid water can exist on a world with sufficient atmospheric pressure. Too close and it will all evaporate, too far and it will freeze. Liquid water is a necessity for all biochemistry as it developed on Earth. That doesn't mean that the species currently living on Earth would survive everywhere in the Sun's habitable zone. Liquid water is just a minimum requirement to biochemistry as we know it. It's also possible that exotic forms of life could develop with radically different chemistry, but that is purely speculative. Since we know Earth biochemistry works, looking at planets where it is possible is the best place to look when searching for alien life.

    There are also other ways to get liquid water besides being in the habital zone of a star. Jupiter's moon Europa is believed to have a liquid water ocean under a thick layer of ice, heated by tidal forces from the gas giant. A source of energy is also a prerequisite for life, but some extremophiles on Earth can extract energy from sources other than sunlight.

  2. 34:16 "Somebody get this ham sandwich out of my court"
    she gonna need the emotional support demon

  3. Fun fact: the standard living wage ( not minimum wage) in the us is $19.91, and the standard minimum wage is $7.25. When companies pay minimum wage, it means the minimum amount they can possibly pay you without breaking laws.
    Living wage is the wage that would cover things like rent, food, hydro/electricity bills and including a small portion for spending on nonessentials.

    When people complain about us not working hard enough these days, remind them that back in their day, after converting the old US dollars to modern time dollars, They were getting paid on average $11.83, making around (old) $5,928. Which has the same buying power today as $55,628.89
    The average house cost (new)$120,000 back then, and a brand new car cost (new) $23,400.

    The average house in the US today sells for $428,700
    Since cars were all newer back then, a new car today costs around $50,000

    We literally have to pay triple for housing, and over double for cars.

    If they were to have all of this laid out in front of them, maybe they’d change, but I’m sure they wouldn’t care to listen.

  4. I had to deal with a racist Karen when I used to work at a movie theater. She got her order and then like 5 mins later after I’ve done orders with like numerous other customers’ orders, she comes back asking for a receipt. I kept explaining to her how the cashier machine literally don’t have a history section for us to print an older receipt but that I could write her order and price for her if she wanted, and she got upset about me not printing her a receipt and then was like “do you even speak English?”

    I wanted to tell her that I probably spoke English better than her.

    In the end my supervisor came and told her the same thing and wrote a receipt for her as I suggested and she finally left.

    Racist Karens are the worst.

  5. Seeing the Karen Bingo card, I realized something. My parents are both Karens. My eyes have been opened. Sexist, racist, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, Bible thumping… Nevermind getting bingo, I think they got the whole damn card…

  6. Him: is they’re an r/pineapple?
    Me: oh no
    Him:starts typing
    Me: oh no
    Me:yep, knew it
    Yeah my one craft group is full of people with a cricut making pineapple things for “events” I figured there’d be a subreddit for it.
    Not yucking anyone’s yum, just cackling he went through with searching and probably wasn’t expecting that😂

  7. I feel like that Karen stealing the package wasn't even suspicious about all his packages, she probably just saw he got a lot and started stealing them regularly. That's why the guy was ready with a camera to catch her. She was covering her petty theft ass (which actually isn't petty theft, mail theft is a felony that she could do prison time for lmao)

  8. The synchronized dancing Hawaii wedding is in so many videos and posts but it’s so funny that I love seeing it every time!

  9. After watching this i looked for pineapple myself and i wanna ask

    What did you find? I just found a sub about growing pineapples

  10. 18:39 also works in real life. if someone becomes disgruntled in your place of work and you don't have the power to tell them to jump off a microwave
    -pitch your voice up (this is key. annoys the hell out of people)
    -big smile
    -your voice needs to give them cavities
    -I also personally thicken my regional accent (think kentucky but not)

    if you're young and they're old, they'll think its sweet and move along. otherwise they''ll just be annoyed and move along

    (only works for interactions that are supposed to be short. i scan tickets at a theme part for example)

  11. 8:35 Do you mean a bay leaf? I mean, typically you remove bay leaves before you serve the food, maybe they missed one?

  12. Its fuccny that she's pretending it hit her arm and it bounced off her boobs 🤣 probably a pair of socks or subscription for tp or something

  13. 8:51 that was a shocker. Backstory: when I was 12 I was 250lbs of fatass. Irrelevant to the video but that really just made it unclear how unhealthy that preteen me was.

  14. 9:57 As John Mulaney once said,
    "If you're comparing the badness of two words, and you won’t even say one of them? That's the worse word."

  15. S*K*Y*D*A*D*D*Y [this creature has taken critical psychic damage and has been reduced to 0 hit points, requesting help action on death saving throws]

  16. When it comes to the 10ft Earth thing. I'm pretty sure they were talking about the POSITION of the Earth from the Sun. And yeah, 10ft wouldn't do much but make the ecosystem slightly harder to work with. But 10,000ft……yes that definitely would change the temp.

  17. 10:11 this is invalid because (1) black people CAN'T stop being black and Karen's CAN stop being Karen's and just be nice. (2) Literally anyone can be a Karen its just that most Karen's are white women


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