Purchasing Power – My order was damaged

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Source: Purchasing Power – My order was damaged

Purchasing Power – My order was damaged

When my order arrived to be dropped off and set up it was damaged very badly.. I’m very upset because I have been waiting for over two weeks for someone to send me and date when my bed was going to be delivered and i never received that..

Then out the blue they call to tell me my bed is on thee way and i wasn’t aware of it being delivered on that day. I have been dealing with you guys for two years now and i have never experienced this type of service before..

I’m trying to see if i receive and call or email when my bed is going to arrive this time, and just Praying its not damaged this time. I just like to be a little prepared because of my work schedule I work midnights and it would be nice to know when my bed is being delivered so i can at least be up when they arrive…

User’s recommendation:
Call your customers keep them posted on what’s going on with packages..

Preferred solution:
Let the company propose a solution.

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Store Location: Detroit, Michigan

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