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Premier Podiatry Reviews

United States, New Jersey, Clifton

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Sep 27, 2021

Premier Podiatry

(973) 315-5555
925 Clifton Ave Ste. 107,, United States, New Jersey, Clifton

Amazing experience!

I am so happy that I found Dr. Petkov and decided to get help from him. Let me start by saying that the whole office is so clean, organized and the waiting room is beautiful. The entire team was so friendly, caring, and professional. From the moment I scheduled my appointment to the last visit, I was being taken care of like in no other medical office. They contact you via chat on their website or text message which is very convenient. I came in to see Dr. Petkov with an ingrown toenail and a horrible infection. He had to remove the nail which was not pleasant at all, but everyone in the office was so supportive and in spite of the pain I felt very safe and relaxed during the procedure. Dr. Petkov was fantastic, very knowledgeable, and helpful. He listened to my concerns and offered different treatment options. When I came in for my first visit, my foot was in really bad shape and I did not know what to expect. Finally, with Dr. Petkov’s expertise, everything healed well and I am back to normal. He takes such good care of his patients. Excellent doctor with a great personality. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Petkov.

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