Police are looking for the occupants of the vehicle that caused the…

Source: Police are looking for the occupants of the vehicle that caused the…

Found on: 2022-09-05 12:50:08

The accident occurred on Saturday night and resulted in one fatality.

The occupants of the vehicle, on whom the fence is narrowed, fled the scene after running over a vehicle at more than 160 kilometers per hour, causing the death of a driver.

JCJC León Monday, 5 September 2022, 14:50

Members of the Judicial Police have been intensifying for hours the investigative work to locate and arrest the occupants of a vehicle that caused a fatal accident at dawn from Saturday to Sunday on the LE-20 at the height of Villaobispo.

The investigations focus on two men on whom the circle narrows after the investigation of the vehicle itself and the cameras located in that transit area.

Escape from the crash site

The occupants, who according to police sources could be arrested in the next few hours, fled the scene minutes later at 00:06 in the morning, their vehicle brutally impacted an Opel Corsa that was circulating in the underpass at Villaobispo at that time. .

The driver of a vehicle dies after a brutal impact with a car in the Villaobispo underpass

The impact was “brutal”, according to the same sources, who in a first calculation estimate that the speed of the vehicle that caused the accident could exceed 160 kilometers per hour.

In the footsteps of drivers

The consequence of this impact was the overturning of the vehicle in which the moral victim was traveling, which subsequently rolled over twice. The woman, who suffered extremely serious injuries, was ejected from the vehicle next to her vehicle seat.

After the accident occurred, the two occupants left the place crossing several nearby meadows. That’s where they lose track.

225 people have lost their lives this summer on the roads

Research Advances

The Judicial Police works with the tracks of the vehicle as well as with the images of the area to locate the occupants after the owner of the vehicle claimed that the car had been stolen hours before, although there is no complaint to that effect.

The investigation is “very advanced” and will be resolved “in the next few days.”

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