Piquet BANNED after racist comments! Hamilton responds…

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Racism is unfortunately something the world is still dealing with. It is expected in the modern world that people are accepting of each other, no matter the colour of skin or where they come from in the world. The reality though is that people around the world are still judged for these things. Formula One’s “We Race As One” campaign has aimed to eliminate racism and prejudice from Formula One but two prominent members of the racing community proved this week that the campaign is falling short of its goal. We are going to give you all the details on Juri Vips and Nelson Piquet, so stick around for the rest of the video.

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22 thoughts on “Piquet BANNED after racist comments! Hamilton responds…”

  1. guys, lemme just tell you now about ben Sulayum's comment;
    I'm Muslim myself, The world has constantly criticized us for "trying to impose our beliefs on everyone else" even though at the end of the day we only look out for and remind our own muslim brothers and sisters to hold on tight to their covenant with God.

    So from a Muslim's perspective; the same people putting everyone else under a microscope include Muslims in that group

  2. ITS TERRIBLE !!!!! Having Black music using the wOrd "NIGGER" in singing and dancing to the word Nigger , having it in Videos flippantly using the word "NIGGER" Black people calling each other a Nigger its so wrong ,, and then the even buy these records ,, terrible " ……. ,, It has to stop Gay people making jokes about themselves , I can remember so many commedy programs on TV Larry Grayson !!!! ,,, I PLEASE LEWIS HAMILTON ,,,, is going to stop the MUSIC industry calling and making BLACK MUSIC with NIGGER in ——

  3. Its all about $$$ F-1 more concerned about fan base than Racism…LH wears BLM shirt? who cares! hes a Brit not American…theres plenty of hate behind closed doors too

  4. Piquet called him black when he was challenging/scolding him for taking his son-in-law Max off the track. He is not just anyone, he himself was thrown off the track when he was fighting for the championship with Alan Jones in 1980. He knows what he is talking about. It is an authorized word.
    And for that a 2 million euro fine (Lewis taking Max off the track did not cause him any major punishment, none).
    It is a punishing brutality of the Stalinism of political correctness.

  5. Political correctness:
    for taking a colleague off the tracks and about to kill him zero fine, zero U$S
    for challenging/scolding that pilot by calling him black 2 million U$S
    It's another moral then.

    Hamilton is an activist for the BLM communists in F1 and elsewhere. And we see how they reward him by exaggeratedly punishing Piquet for calling him black when talking about a maneuver a million times more dangerous when taking Max V off the track.

  6. People will throw racist abuse at each other until the end of time… 😂 Just develop some tough skin and move on.

  7. You can't really seriously make comments or assess the situation if you cannot directly quote the comments in question and consider the context. Having said that what Juri said was, for lack of a better world, very dumb and I'm not against people losing their jobs in a spectator sport for not considering the impact of their words.

  8. Comments so bad it took how long to surface? Don't know him, never heard him speak and he very well could be a total tool but come on. I know it's not a popular opinion but man are we soft. 65 years old and can't think of any word you can call me or say to me that I would find offensive. It's either true or not and I don't give any value to people saying dumb things. Now if you said that Lewis got jobbed out of another championship last year I think we got something…..


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