Persecution, crash and shots in Panamericana: two police officers injured…

Source: Persecution, crash and shots in Panamericana: two police officers injured…

Found on: 2022-07-12 09:54:54

Two police officers were injured this morning after a chase and crash on the Pan-American highway, at the height of the Malvinas Argentinas district of Buenos Aires, near the place where three young people died last week as a result of a similar episode.

The incident occurred after 5 o’clock at kilometer 32.5 of the Campana branch, hand to the city of Buenos Aires. There a patrol car and a private vehicle collided and the two uniformed men who were traveling in the police mobile had to be transferred to a hospital in the area.

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According to the first versions, it all started earlier last night when two criminals broke into a house, reduced a family and after seizing everything of value they found, they fled with the owner of the property as a hostage in the victim’s car.

This was the car that the police were chasing after the impact. (Photo: Twitter).

The victim was released safe and sound a few blocks away, but the situation was then noticed by the officers patrolling the area and the chase broke out, which ended with gunshots at the impact site.

Meanwhile, as a result of the road and police operation deployed in the area, there is only one lane enabled. So far the suspects remain at large.

the background

The event was recorded a few meters from where last week three young people between the ages of 21 and 25, some of them with criminal records, died and a 16-year-old teenager was seriously injured when the stolen car on board of which they were being chased by The Police collided with a truck that was parked on the Pan-American highway, Campana branch, a few meters from the Ricardo Rojas toll, in the Tigre district.

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In this case, the accident occurred at kilometer 33.7, in the direction of the province of Buenos Aires.

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