Peggi Marie Groff — Apopka, Florida

Found on: 2022-06-24 12:41:52

Source: Peggi Marie Groff — Apopka, Florida

28 year old Steak ‘N Shake waitress who looks like the result of an inbreeding experiment between a troll with Down’s Stndrom and a ferret. Has a history of leading men on as a means of paying her bills. The last man she led on beat the life out of her because he found out she had a boyfriend, and it wasn’t him. FAIR WARNING: if she’s fucked your husband, get tested for STDs because I found a pair of her panties and they looks like they had been worn for a month by a hooker with crotch rot. Don’t bother confronting her because she’ll hold faced lie while begging for mercy and trying to convince you that she “doesn’t want drama.” She’ll bring her kids into it by swearing up and down that she doesn’t have time for a man because taking care of her kids is her is her priority. She’ll even go so far as to tell you your husband’s not her type, or he reminds her of her dad, or that she doesn’t want “that.” But, in reality she’s dumping her kids off on anyone she can and sneaking around with him every chance she gets. Peggi obviously has no moral compass or self-respect, because she went to the extent of blocking every one of her several calls a day with *67. Even though she adamantly denied knowing he was still with me, she would parking her car miles away and he would pick her up. She’s a grimy, lying nasty w***e who will lie to anyone to keep your husband, including her children, and her own boyfriend who’s the father of her children.

Source: Peggi Marie Groff — Apopka, Florida

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