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Found on: 2022-10-18 11:35:26

Source: [email protected] | BECHEER CO., LTD | Scam using Paypal

Fraudulent [email protected]
Scam contentsbra advertisement on InstaGram
Comment / ReviewI ordered a bra, SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTIVE AND SMOOTHING. Well I got said item but it was NOT supportive at all. it was so flimsy, I could have made it myself. it was Absolutely NOTHING like their advertisement on InstaGram … it’s been a battle ever since trying to get my money back. The total cost was $42.65…they’ve offered to refund me (first) $3, the $6… what a rip off…I, too, wish I had done some research before making this purchase…once bitten, twice shy…lesson learned.

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[email protected] | Becheer Co. Ltd | I purchased this about two months ago and just now receive them. They are nothing like I p

[email protected] | Becheer Co.,Ltd | Bait and switch. I ordered one thing and they sent something else.

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