Patty Swart Hanson (Patricia Ladue) Saugerties, New York

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Source: Patty Swart Hanson (Patricia Ladue) Saugerties, New York

This is a money hungry, manipulative, cheating, bitch who lives in Saugerties and thinks she is an artist… a con artist if anything. She tries to come across as being sweet and plays the mother of the year but truth be told, she has no regards for anything or anyone except herself. My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years, and had a pretty happy life until she came into the picture. She and my husband worked at the same place and at the time she was also married, has an older child from a previous marriage and two small children from her then husband. She cried to other men at work claiming that her husband was controlling, abusive and would beat her. That is how she lures men, trying to make them feel sorry for her, playing the victim and that she doesn’t have any money. She worked an office in the city, and lives in Saugerties, so she would stay in NYC in hotels and used that time to sleep with other men, dumping her kids in a heartbeat.

My husband, who admits to be completely at fault, fell for her shenanigans and had an affair with her, he slept with her and gave her money because she said she was broke (sounds like prostitution to me). The way I found out was because, I noticed she was calling him at 4:00am, so I called her, and questioned why are you calling my husband, she denied having an affair with my husband because she said she was married too and that she “just needed a friend to talk to” so I told her find herself a new “friend”. I then asked my husband for his phone, and found emails from her jerking off, not a pretty sight. It was disgusting, I called her husband, he too was devastated, we had been both blindsided. He ended up getting a divorce from this whore and by the way she asked my husband for the attorney fees and like an ass he gave her the money. The divorce took several months because she claimed she was so undecided whether to stay in her marriage or not, all the while she kept calling me, telling me to leave my husband, she even came right out and said that her intent was to destroy our marriage so that she could have my husband and said she wasn’t going away.

To make a long story short, my husband begged for forgiveness and told me everything, how he gave her money for her older daughters car, for the divorce and for countless other things. He told me about the places they would meet, and where she hangs out, at Sues, Marabellas, Stellas, Ship to Shore, and other bars in Saugerties she is the typical bar whore. I ended up moving out, my husband made many mistakes, he is not an innocent person. While he told her repeatedly he didn’t want anything to do with her and that she was the biggest mistake he ever made and wanted to do everything possible to get his wife back, she kept calling me and telling me all sorts of nasty things, I had to block her number. He fought hard to get me back and we have decided to work on our marriage, this has not been an easy road, we had lots of counseling and are now both committed.

Although she is with other men, she still doesn’t leave us alone, I can’t even say all the things she is doing, but I can say she is manipulative, a liar, and a bad person, if you know her… get her help, like a psychiatric ward kind of help…that’s where she can maybe become a true artist. And if you are a man sexually involved with her, you might want to run… to a doctor and get checked out, or be ready to dig deep into your pockets and possibly get some kind of STD.

Patty Hanson, Patty Swart or Patricia Ladue, whatever name you go by, you can now add whore, con artist and extortionist to your resume ……… Karma eventually catches up.



Source: Patty Swart Hanson (Patricia Ladue) Saugerties, New York

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