Patollo SIA – Arturs Akis Krāpšana – Arturs akis – fraud / theft

Found on: 2022-10-03 12:35:11

Source: Patollo SIA – Arturs Akis Krāpšana – Arturs akis – fraud / theft

Early this year our company, MX Properties Inc, began wiring funds to two of Mr Arturs Akis business bank accounts at Swedbank, Latvia (First Cable SIA & Avus Invest SIA). The purpose behind wiring these funds was to procure certain financial banking instruments to be used for an operating line of credit for expanding our business. We also sent several hundred thousands in funds to another affiliate named London City Group SIA. These funds were sent to Nordea Bank – also located in Riga, Latvia. Further, we have recently discovered that Arturs Akis has changed in LinkedIn profile and has removed First Cable SIA completely along with AVUS Invest SIA. This is very troubling to us.

This process began in late 2015 and has gone on now for almost 10 months with only lies and promises given by
Mr Mike Babich, Mr Janis Petrovs and Mr Arturs Akis. Each time that we thought that the Latvian parties would make good on their commitments, they would change their minds and ask for even more money!

Finally, we gave up in September and vigorously demanded that the banking financial instruments be turned over to us or that a complete refund of the nearly $430, 000 USD be sent to us IMMEDIATELY.

Sadly, we’ve been completely ignored by Mr Arturs Akis, Mike Babich and Janis Petrovs. We’ve now turned to and reported the fraud to their banks – Nordea and Swedbank for investigation.

We call upon this group of individuals to do the ethically right thing and either send the instruments as promised or refund our money.

Found At: Patollo SIA – Arturs Akis Krāpšana – Arturs akis – fraud / theft

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