Patient dies after falling from hospital roof

Source: Patient dies after falling from hospital roof

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A hospital in the United States is in the midst of a strong controversy over the death of a patient who fell from the top of the roof.
The reasons for the accident are not yet known but an autopsy and toxicology tests have already been ordered.
In Mexico there are regulations such as NOM-016-SSA3-2012 that contain the minimum characteristics of infrastructure and equipment for hospitals and medical offices.

The main function of hospitals is to be the space for patient care, although that does not mean that they are exempt from evlike an accident. Like any other space, incidents of various magnitudes that are not related to diseases or illnesses can occur.

To prevent all kinds of incidents from occurring, there are strict rules that must be followed. In the case of Mexico, there are various legal regulations both for the construction of hospitals and for the equipment of clinics.

The main ones you should know about are the Mexican Official Standard (NOM) 005-SSA3-2016, which is in charge of establishing the minimum infrastructure and equipment requirements for outpatient medical care establishments.

On the other hand, NOM-016-SSA3-2012 contains the minimum characteristics of infrastructure and equipment for hospitals and medical offices. In both cases, compliance is required for the operation of health centers. Otherwise, in addition to the suspension of the business you become a creditor of various fines.

NOM-197-SSA1-2000 should also be mentioned, which defines the infrastructure and equipment requirements for hospitals and specialized medical care offices.

In turn, you should also know the NOM-233-SSA1-2003 that mentions the architectural requirements to facilitate access, transit, use and permanence of people with disabilities in outpatient and hospital medical care establishments of the National Health System.

Hospital accident turns deadly

Now, all this leads to a serious incident that occurred in the United States and there is already a fatality. It all started when a 21-year-old man was sent to the OSF Saint Francis Medical Centerlocated in Illinois.

The only thing that has been revealed is that he arrived due to a condition, although no further details have been given. But the most serious was generated a few hours after his arrival. As he remained to be treated he was seen at the top of the ambulance bay.

But although attempts were made to alert and persuade the patient to come down immediately, it was too late. While he was on the roof of the hospital, the man had an accident and fell. The impact on the ground caused a loud sound that was heard throughout the place.

Given what happened, the medical staff who were in the hospital came immediately. Upon seeing the body, first aid services were offered, but the efforts were not sufficient because the man no longer showed vital signs.

Given what happened, an immediate autopsy and toxicology tests to identify the man’s condition. It is suspected that perhaps he was not in his senses or had ingested some substance that caused this strange behavior.

Similarly, the hospital authorities have emphasized that the accident was caused because the patient entered a prohibited area. Even the area contains graphic signs specifying that the passage of personnel outside the hospital is prohibited. In any case, the investigation into what happened remains ongoing to get to the bottom of it.

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