“Our neighborhood looks like a race track”

Source: “Our neighborhood looks like a race track”

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The Aranbizkarra Neighborhood Association, Zazpigarren Alaba, denounces that the streets “they are the same as 45 years ago when the neighborhood was built”. They do it after the deadly hit this Tuesday to a woman at the confluence of the streets Valladolid with Andalusia.

Sustainable mobility has never reached Aranbizkarra“, they assure in a statement. They denounce that the main streets of the neighborhood, Andalucía, Burgos, Valladolid and Obispo Ballester, do not have traffic lights. Neither are there in front of the Ikastola Aranbizkarra.


In addition, this situation bothers them, especially at the entrances to the neighborhood from Salburua, as is the case at the accident site. They also denounce that the pedestrian crossings of these streets they don’t have bumps.

traffic aranbizkarra fatal hit

Regarding the roundabouts, they assure that there are three “dangerous” in the neighborhood, and that there have been fatal accidents in all three. These are the ones at the Burgos-Andalucía, Andalucía-Valladolid intersection and on Madrid street next to the gas station.


Traffic in Aranbizkarra

On the other hand, they denounce that there is a lot of traffic that is channeled through streets of Aranbizkarra that are not prepared for it. “Traffic to the industrial areas of Gamarra, Betoño and Portal de Arriaga, is done by Obispo Ballester to avoid the Portal de Legutiano traffic lights,” they say. “Our neighborhood is a race trackwhich also does not have the bumps on the pedestrian crossings to slow down speed”.

For all these reasons, they ask the City Council to take measures to calm traffic in the neighborhood, with the aim of accidents like this Tuesday do not occur again.

An 82-year-old woman is run over in Aranbizkarra

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