One dead and one trapped in the head-on collision of two cars in…

Source: One dead and one trapped in the head-on collision of two cars in…

Found on: 2022-08-23 15:14:40

A man of 68 years he has deceased and one woman of 36 years has remained trapped behind the frontal collision Come in two vehicles in a accident of traffic happened this Tuesday in Fuencaliente (Real city).

The emergency and emergency service 112 has reported that the fatal accident took place at 1:56 p.m. this Tuesday at road N-420, at the height ofl kilometer 107.

The accident was caused by the frontal collision between two cars that caused the death of the man and the occupant of the other car was trapped; The 36-year-old woman, after being released, was transferred by medical helicopter to the Ciudad Real hospital.

The Civil Guard, an ambulance and firefighters from Puertollano (Ciudad Real), who released the woman, have traveled to the scene, in addition to the aforementioned medical helicopter that has taken the wounded to the hospital.

One of the lanes is left chopped up eventually to facilitate the landing of the helicopter, but traffic has already been restored.

They cut the N-420, in Fuencaliente, by overturning a truck full of butane cylinders

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