One dead and one injured in fatal accident

Source: One dead and one injured in fatal accident

Found on: 2022-06-20 10:26:20

A truck overturned at kilometer 10 of highway 330 Amealco-San Ildefonso



Fatal truck accident, left a male lifeless and another one resulted in serious injuries, the event occurred early yesterday morning, at kilometer 10 of state highway 330 Amealco – San Ildefonso.

The Chevrolet Silverado Pick-up truck, in black, with license plates for the State of Mexico, was driven towards Amealco, however, for unknown reasons, the driver lost control of the unit, which caused it to get out of its way and overturn, colliding with some bushes and finally it was left stranded on its own axes, this not without first doing several somersaults, a 25-year-old male was helped from what happened in the cabin of the Chevrolet, who He sustained injuries and fractures, for which he was helped by Amealco Red Cross relief personnel, due to his seriousness he was transferred to the General Hospital of the Eastern Zone of the municipality of San Juan del Río, unfortunately by another of the 22-year-old occupants. old nothing could be done, because due to the impact he died instantly.

Municipal and state police from the same Amealcense capital arrived at the scene, focusing on cordoning off the area, waiting for the Expert Services who would take charge of carrying out the corresponding procedures.

After a couple of hours, the Crime Investigation Police and forensic doctors arrived at the scene, focusing on carrying out the first inquiries of what happened, while at the end of the diligence, they ordered that the body be recovered from the motor unit and transferred to the Medical Service. Forensic, this to perform the practice of law necropsy.

The unit somersaulted several times to finally come to rest on its own axis.

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