On video: the shocking and deadly motorcyclist crash in San…

Source: On video: the shocking and deadly motorcyclist crash in San…

Found on: 2022-07-19 23:00:34

The pain that the mother of Darío Gómez Barroso, the 25-year-old who died in a traffic accident in the San Fernando neighborhood, last Sunday night, must feel is unimaginable.

His crying has no consolation and his wound is in the soul, where his absence will always hurt. She had to find out that on July 17, at 10:40 pm, her child lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a platform.

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The impact was terrible and Darío was thrown out of the vehicle. Dozens of onlookers and locals tried to help him, but nothing could be done: he died almost instantly.

The authorities have not delivered reports on this accident and their relatives have also wanted to remain silent; However, a security camera recorded the moment Darío lost his life. The video is shocking and it is appreciated that he was alone on the motorcycle. There were no obstacles or other vehicles, despite that, the authorities are investigating what happened.

About the deceased it was known that he was a surveyor, a profession dedicated to the identification, delimitation, measurement of land ownership, as well as the location and geometric control of works.

You can also see on social networks that he was a very cheerful, adventurous person and loved by all.

“We will love and miss you forever beautiful cousin, God grant you eternal rest and may you enjoy eternal life,” says a message posted on his Facebook.

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“You leave us with immense pain, everything seems to be a lie. You were a good husband, a good son, a good father and a good friend, ”says another Internet user on social networks.

The Metropolitan Police has not provided details of what happened, but it is presumed that they are investigating to clarify what happened that fatal night.

The young man leaves behind two children and, apparently, also lived in the San Fernando neighborhood. In Legal Medicine was his body yesterday.

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