Omegle – What omegle teaches children

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The human body is a sex object. The showing of feet, for instance, indicate a direct intention to titillate the sexual fantasies of a random receiver. Those with exposed feet shall be banned, then quarantined in one of Omegles many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc). Also, women who insist on wearing tank tops are initiating a form of discourse reservered for Omegle sex models only and will be similarly banned — since women cannot be similarly coerced, exploited and sold fantasies they will [not] be ushered into sex rooms and will receive shorter bans so they can come back and continue to be indoctrinated into an ever burgeoning adult market which offers many lucrative opportunities. The revealing of the upper torso in males is synonymous with a desire to satiate libidinal desires through a real time interaction with a female model — a right reservered for Omegle (Cumegle,, Bongacam). etc. Males showing their upper torsoes (i.e. ‘nudity’) will be removed from the site and similarly quarantined in one of Omegles many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc) indefinitely. Legs. Legs are used for sex…to be wrapped around things, namely the male waist, during missionary engagement. Showing legs comprises both ‘nudity’ and ‘vulgar behavior’ and will not be tolerated, as Omegle reserves the rights to them for use on one it’s many sex sites (Cumegle,, Bongacam etc) and any breaching of this contract with all due deference to this independently owned corporate conglomerate. If you have any intention of breaching any of the above rues you will be duly punished. We protect children, the children in all of us, from all unnecessary obscenity which Omegle reserves all rights to in our male-directed ads which may feature nude female models displaying themselves in the nude (i.e. sexually). Females, luckily, won’t have to see them unless they are getting paid.

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