omegle but racist girls get roasted for 43 minutes and 31 seconds…

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*this video was made for entertainment/comedic purposes. Anything said or done in the video is literally just JOKES, please don’t take it seriously*

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Watch more at: omegle but racist girls get roasted for 43 minutes and 31 seconds…

49 thoughts on “omegle but racist girls get roasted for 43 minutes and 31 seconds…”



  2. Make$ so much $en$ huh ?
    Oh lord have mercy$$$
    I cant stop laughin' :))))
    15:41 she is like Uzi , omg when she's talkin' spanish i feel like watch to Nascar scenes.

  3. as an actual white person who is part of a native american descent. people like the bitch at 27:14 piss me off

  4. That chick was chunky. Theres no way she is only eating seafood. Her body would have consumed all her fat.
    Seafood has barley any protein she would have to eat 13 whole lobsters or 63 snails, 27 starfish or 3 whole stripped snappers or 4 salmon steaks daily. Just to get the same amount from a single burger at BK. Shes a lier… i hate bitches like her.

  5. Your talk trash I’ll make a rash, still nobody dares
    So I’ll make you bashed, all the times you rap it’ll activate a trap when I go full power you’ll hear the phone ringing
    I’ll let you know, “ Death is Coming!” Your so boring you represent hate, got tossed into the bin of rates, I’ll give you a second chance but right now we all know, who’s the person who’s gonna steal your confidence, mate! All you do is come up with boring rhymes, your so toxic I’ll rather read about the Times, It’s a revolution now, so I just stolе the hymn. If your going to cry them you’ll be kissеd bye-bye
    Because, I just started a bill of rights
    I'm sorry bro I still love you, bro, that was just a roast.

  6. Bruh, level your fuckin' volume out. You can get the distorted effect without blowing my fuckin' speakers, gotta have shit loud to hear you and these little shits on omegle and then bam.. I mean, I know you or your editor can do better lol. Go get some pointers from oompaville or Leon Lush.


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