Oliver Wood Perth Web Design – fraudster

Found on: 2022-07-23 05:10:16

Source: Oliver Wood Perth Web Design – fraudster




Registrant: Oliver Wood

Registrant ID: ABN 74486067431

Eligibility Name: The Trustee for the PWD Discretionary Trust

Eligibility ID: ABN 74486067431


Make No Mistake, he has not learnt anything. He is still cocky and back to his old SCAMMING ways again.


He is back to over charging & under delivering once again.


ASIC is keeping a close eye on him but we need your stories. His ability to pass blame then threaten you with legal & non legal actions to attempt to keep you silent.


This is the famous unscrupulous fraudster & scammer Oliver Wood:

Oliver Wood


Oliver Wood DIGITAL MONOPOLY PTY LTD at Website Informer


They say:


“With 13 years of experience and 3,100 websites under our belt, PWD is a team of experienced web designers and innovative leaders”.


But the truth is rather disturbing…




15-296MR West Australian web entrepreneur sentenced

A West Australian director convicted of breaching his directors’ duties has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.

Oliver James Wood’s sentence, handed down on 15 October 2015, was fully suspended upon entering into a $5000 recognisance to be of good behaviour for 10 months. He was also fined $40,000.

ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer said, ‘It is important for directors to understand their obligations. ASIC is committed to holding those who intentionally break the law to account.’

Mr Wood stood trial and was convicted on three counts of using his position as a director of SEO Company Pty Ltd dishonestly to gain an advantage. He also pleaded guilty to four counts of making a false statement in a document lodged with ASIC (refer: 15-290MR).

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions prosecuted the matter.


Mr Wood is automatically disqualified from managing companies for five years as a result of his conviction.


15-296MR West Australian web entrepreneur sentenced | ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission

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