Occupational accidents increase due to non-traumatic pathologies…

Source: Occupational accidents increase due to non-traumatic pathologies…

Found on: 2022-06-16 13:07:04

“Minor accidents remain and serious ones increase in Castilla y León”, and fatal ones “are not related to non-traumatic pathologies but to cerebrovascular accidents”. They are those that “can be directly related to a specific work condition, and are part of a concern that the Junta de Castilla y León has to promote changes in style and healthy lifestyle habits”.

The person in charge of Labor has recognized the increase in occupational accidents, since “it must be taken into account that at times of increased economic well-being, there is a larger active population and more accidents occur”. “Zero risk is currently not a logical or feasible goal,” he said.

The general director has gone to the Territorial Office of Labor of Ávila to a technical seminar on doors and gates, elements that in the world of work “give many problems in the form of scares, serious accidents and some fatal accidents”.

The conference was dedicated to the typology of doors, security devices, regulations, risk assessment that they have to comply with and, “above all, to promote their maintenance” in order to “contain or reduce the accident rate and the risks in this type of work equipment and facilities, which are a transversal part of companies in all sectors of activity, which have doors and gates in all workplaces”.

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