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Found on: 2022-12-31 19:23:45

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After yesterday’s post, many people wrote to me and also a news portal from Alto Valle to make the post public.

Also legislator Mónica Silva to submit the claim and insist on the repair of the SOS poles.

I think that everything serves to get our claim to the national highway and if they outsource to the communications company then they should hurry them to check each one of the SOS posts.

It is also true that many people (I don’t know whether to call them people) steal or break these stalls.

I think that the ideal is to “invent” a safeguard for the devices to avoid breakage and theft, that is, to find a way to make them work and avoid, for example, like yesterday, that these people do not have to wait so long for medical assistance because they do not have a signal.

The following was posted yesterday

Today we had to travel to help my brother near El Solito, we did not know the location of the car well and that is why we decided to go to one of the SOS wi-fi poles between Pomona and San Antonio, we realized that it did not work.

We decided to continue to see if we could find them and approximately one km from the roundabout there was an accident.

We went down to see if we could help with anything.

There was a whole family that was noticeable inside everything, but in the other vehicle there was an elderly person trapped and outside the vehicle a boy of approximately 10 years.

Several people helped as we could, but a big problem arose…no one had a signal.

We were 200 meters from a wi fi SOS post and it didn’t work either.

People left in their vehicles to seek help until Pomona, which was the closest.

Today I realized that these posts are literally very helpful to help our relatives and not to mention in cases of accidents.

I just hope that National Highway or whoever corresponds can urgently review those equipment

Today those people spent approximately an hour and a half literally lying on the shoulder waiting for an ambulance.

I publish on this page because I know it will have a little more impact.

Aldo Paz

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