Niko Omilana Pranks America's Most Racist Man REACTION!!

Uploaded By: Janell Nicole

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41 thoughts on “Niko Omilana Pranks America's Most Racist Man REACTION!!”

  1. I honestly don’t like how these videos making Arkansas look I can’t speak for the country but the cities in Arkansas we nothing like that everybody cool and it’s lit downtown ona strip every night

  2. Ik I'm late but I have this urge that's killing me to tell you that his name is said like Nicko or Nick o whichever helps you see it clearer no hate.

  3. @Janell Nicole – "He´s lightskin…" Girl, I don´t think you´re aware that your skin is lighter than his xDxDxD

  4. yes he's the leader of bloody KKK but it's not right to do him like that after he had trusted u and allowed u in his home.

  5. Janell pulled off the greatest denied reaction to the crossover. Almost like she wasn’t even trying💀

  6. You gotta watch more Niko, he’s mad funny 😂. He’s a big YouTuber in England, he’s been making videos trolling people for years. He and Jidion are pretty similar.

  7. 32:33 I think because he has his own church and he pretty much is “the Owner” of the town Zinc he probably gets a lot of help from “his people” and also the church probably funds a lot of it aswell. Also it’s probably like what mormons do where you have to give a % of your wage to the church. I mean that’s the only reason I could possibly think off not unless he has a part time job at Walmart to fund his Racist ways.

  8. To me Mississippi is the most racist place in America janell is a beautiful goddess queen princess love her videos ❤️👍

  9. man that kkk guy is stupid american was made by native americans and white people just came over from england lol

  10. Niko’s from London and has been making some of the best quality YouTube videos for years now. He’s also in a YouTube group that live together and make videos together and shit but it’s not like the normal cringy groups that do that🤣 they’re called Beta Squad and they make really good videos too. Should def check out both of them channels

  11. Tbh none of us should look or sound surprised because it’s the kkk leader I just knew it was coming

  12. Niko omillana, Chunks and his entire team from london originally from somalia 🇸🇴 east Africa.

  13. Niko omillana, Chunks and entire team from Uk Originaly they are from somalia 🇸🇴East Africa.

  14. I lived in arkansas and I saw confederate flags but not in harrison arkansas but in springdale arkansas i saw a few confederate flags

  15. I live half an hour away from Colorado Springs, I dont blame you for being creeped out, its sketchy in a lot of areas.


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