New queues on the AP-7 and no solution for today, Sunday

Source: New queues on the AP-7 and no solution for today, Sunday

Found on: 2022-06-11 19:24:58

The AP-7 motorway once again registered long queues throughout the morning of Saturday. This time with the aggravating circumstance that a woman lost her life in a fatal accident near Castellet i la Gornal, in Penedès. The victim was a front passenger in a van that collided at half past eight in the morning against the back of a truck.

The place where the fatal accident occurred was an area where there were retentions because a kilometer later the traffic was narrowed to a single lane due to another accident. A large-tonnage vehicle had caught fire while driving at dawn and work was being carried out to remove the pile of iron in which the truck had been devoured by the fire. The driver and the other passenger who was in the van were also injured in the fatal accident and were taken to the Bellvitge hospital.

The device planned for this Sunday does not incorporate any novelty despite what has happened lately

The accident forced northbound traffic to be cut off for several hours on this section of the AP-7, trapping drivers in a caravan that reached seven kilometers. Although the withdrawal of the vehicles involved in the incident lasted beyond noon, a passing lane was enabled that reactivated traffic but did not lighten the queues.

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In the opposite direction, towards Tarragona, another accident occurred. In this case there were no serious injuries but a lane had to be cut, which also caused several kilometers of caravan. Further north, in Maçanet de la Selva, towards Girona, there was another incident. One vehicle overturned without affecting any other and its driver was also injured. Traffic was cut off and many trapped travelers got out of the car to wait for normalcy to return and a lane to reopen. In the hours that followed, the retentions approached twenty kilometers.

Although all the lights are on the AP-7, it was not the only road in Catalonia that registered retentions yesterday morning, when thousands of citizens took to the road on their way to the beach, the mountains or any other place of rest . Queues were seen on the C-58 near the Nus de la Trinitat, on the C-32 from Mataró to the north and on the C-60 also heading towards the Maresme coast. Another accident kept the T-710 road in Falset, in Priorat, in the direction of Móra d’Ebre closed for several hours.

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This afternoon major collapses are expected again on the AP-7 as they have been taking place in recent Sundays, and just as it happened in September since the toll barriers were lifted and the high-capacity roads became free. The Servei Català de Trànsit will enable an additional lane with cones on the AP-7 south, between Vilafranca and El Papiol, but will continue without doing so in the north, between Sant Celoni and La Roca del Vallès.

The adaptation of the motorway after the withdrawal of the payment booths in the Rock has invalidated the wide area where vehicles circulating in the additional lane once ended. Trànsit considers that right now there is no safe alternative to put it into service. After this weekend without further measures, those responsible for traffic management in Catalonia are working against the clock to be able to announce some emergency action over the next week, with their eyes especially set on the Sant Joan bridge.

Beyond the annoying caravans, yesterday’s incident brings the number of fatalities on Catalan roads to 74 so far this year. To these must be added those who died in an urban environment. In the Catalan capital there are already ten people who have lost their lives, of which nine were motorcyclists. The last one was on Friday afternoon, when a 29-year-old man died when he crashed into the median that separates both directions in the Ronda de Dalt.

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