Neosha Hohman — Reno, Nevada

Found on: 2022-06-14 14:01:45

Source: Neosha Hohman — Reno, Nevada

She was quite aware that My husband And I were married…did she care? Nope. She still called him when her boyfriend broke up with her so he can have sex with him. They had sex more then once. Over a course of 3 months. She will fail your man do what she wants. I even got her number and Asked her about it I was so mentally broken and torn because I knew already and looked to made a fool. She will destroy you mentally and let your husband destroy you then she will throw him under the bus and say she is sorry for everything and claim she didnt know he was married and tell u every detail of what when where how many times and what he said to her. Then she will tell you she is be happy after your life is destroyed. I was told by a close friend that used to be her friend before she fucked her man that she has roast beef lips and HPV. She will destroy you and doesn’t care. Another bitch that doesn’t care. Is Kim keeney the other time in the pic..both knew he was married. Didnt care it destroyed my life but they want to forget and move on must be nice. Because I can’t when he wont leave me alone. And at the moment is my only source of income and we were a happy couple. I know he is also to blame. But if you didnt spread your legs he may have not cheated. Thanks allot.

Source: Neosha Hohman — Reno, Nevada

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