Nelson Piquet apologises to Lewis Hamilton for using racist language

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Nelson Piquet has apologised to Lewis Hamilton after he used racist language to describe the seven time world champion. He admits his comments were ill thought out but insists he did not intend them as a racial slur.

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36 thoughts on “Nelson Piquet apologises to Lewis Hamilton for using racist language”

  1. But Hamilton is pro black. And all these hypocrites who support what he says don't see any problem with that. So is celebrating our ethnicity ok now days? No, it's only ok for a minority here. Now that is a privilege and racist.

  2. The problem is that Piquet is just not as skilled as Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has more than double championships than this little fool. So he just said this kind of things because of the fact that his daughter is dating Max Verstappen and he is just no as skilled as Lewis.

  3. I'm a Brazilian, and this common term in Brazil… that is, is used like: guy or person, but in social media was interpreted WRONG! Sad, the political correctness needs to END!

  4. –Dad, how did communism infiltrate F1?
    –There was a black pilot who believed the exaggerations of racism in the USA of some black communist feminists who called themselves BLM. That group and other communist groups called antifa use a non-existent racism and a thousand times greater than the real one to do politics in the USA. They also exaggerate feminism, indigenism and the ecological problems of the planet. It is his way of doing politics. Marches and fights with the police and all that… The communist method.
    They pitted blacks against whites, women against men, environmentalists against businessmen and entrepreneurs, gays against straights, and indigenists against statues.
    Oh thank you dad

  5. –Piquet will have to pay a fine of 2 million euros and will not be allowed to go to the paddock anymore.
    –For killing who?
    –He said black to Hamilton…
    –And twice!!!
    Ahhh now I understand. It's very serious, like a mass shooting.

    (occurs in the communist universe of political correctness)

  6. 2 million euros for saying "little black" to Hamilton. Furious F1 fanaticism exaggerated political correctness, the censors of the day. Total exaggeration.
    The term black in Brazil and Argentina does not have that strong connotation as it is given in the USA.
    We have Hamilton who brought to F1 all the communist ideology of BLM and antifa who came out to break everything in the USA. Piquet could have said communist black and he wouldn't be too far off the mark either. But he just said black
    Political correctness:
    for taking a colleague off the tracks and about to kill him zero fine, zero U$S
    for challenging/scolding that pilot by calling him black 2 million U$S
    It's another moral then.

  7. It's a common slur in Brazil where they call EVERYONE that not just black people. I swear F1 media and this soyboy pvssy Lewis need to just stfu we are sick of you liberal controllive pvssys.

  8. This mans racists antics comes from his heart he is who is, apologies mean nothing he is better of spewing garbage from his mouth.

  9. Stop trying to translate other languages to English. It doesn't work. The term "negro" or "neguinho" in Portuguese is NOT the same as the n word in English. They screwed over Cavani in the same way. I hate how the media does this and convinces the public of racist incidents that really weren't intended as such.

  10. Ahhh… white people want to change the brazilian language… that is the whitest thing any white people can do

  11. They can try to discredit or discriminate against him, but the fact is Lewis is the greatest F1 driver of all time.
    Who ‘the greatest’ is any field will always spark a debate of course, but the bottom line is Sir Lewis Hamilton is the greatest.

  12. Progressive Westerners claim to be against colonialism. However, it's obvious by this incident that these Westerners are imposing their own definition to a foreign language and culture. So now, you are telling the Brazilians not to use this word? Why not give foreigners the benefit of a doubt first? Try to do research! Check out the Brazilian celebrity/ singer Neguinho da Beja Flor! Surely if it's racist and offensive, he will not use this name?!

  13. Just call him by his Name, Sir Lewis Hamilton. Anything else is just an excuse. I don’t care what he claims is used in Brazil. Call him by his NAME!

  14. Funny how he says I’m not going to defend my actions then goes and defends it lol oh you silly racist!

  15. The word "neguinho" in brazilian is like Lad, Dude or Mate in English. No racial connotation at all, its used a lot between friends, like Bro or many other words in English. They're trying to 2cancel" Piquet because he's BOLSONARO friend and supports his politics. Which are GOOD for Brazil anyway, against socialism/communism !!

  16. Absolutely disgusting.
    How are the younger generations going to treat everyone equal if there peirs are racists.
    I'd chop of his facking balls!

  17. NELSON PIG is a racist homophobo, an OLD SPENT hasbeen F1 racer who is envious of Lewis Hamilton's GREAT F1 RACING success! Who gives a flying F….. about what you think Nelson?! You are a shameless FINISHED, Dd DINO..


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