Nelson M. of banned pedophile club Martijn arrested in Mexico

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Source: Nelson M. of banned pedophile club Martijn arrested in Mexico

The foundation has worked together with the international aid organization Operation Underground Railroad to make M.’s arrest possible.

10,000 images

M. is suspected in the Netherlands of continuing the banned pedophile association and of possessing 10,000 images with child pornography. He had applied for political asylum in Mexico at the beginning of this year. To prevent this, Free a Girl started a petition, among other things.

Based on information shared by the organization, Mexican authorities launched an “extensive investigation” into M. According to Free a Girl, that led to his arrest. The Mexican police have seized, among other things, data carriers, pictures of child pornography and a firearm.


“We are very relieved that Nelson M. was arrested because he posed a serious danger to children in Mexico,” said Free a Girl, who complimented the Mexican authorities for “taking the matter very seriously.”

But that does not apply to the authorities in the Netherlands, according to the organization: “We are disappointed in the fact that the Dutch police have not put him on the international wanted list and have not taken his passport. The Public Prosecution Service has done nothing to prevent Nelson from being arrested. M. would engage in such crimes again. Children worldwide must be protected from these kinds of people. Children’s health and well-being are at risk.”


Pedophile association Martijn was banned and dissolved by the Supreme Court in 2014, because the members glorified and promoted sexual relations between adults and children. Two other former members, Marthijn U. and Norbert de J., were sentenced in March to prison terms of four and six months for continuing the association.

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Source: Nelson M. of banned pedophile club Martijn arrested in Mexico

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