MSNBC guest slammed for new racism claim

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‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses an MSNBC guest calling migrant bussing racist and comparing it to segregation

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Watch more at: MSNBC guest slammed for new racism claim

23 thoughts on “MSNBC guest slammed for new racism claim”

  1. She forgot blk people have affirmative action, when they cross the border they just,cross, they are fleeing because they can make a career on welfare free school, close border

  2. Yes it was voluntary but why don't we ask all the people put on these late night planes in secret how they were treated. see the republicans are doing this in plain site during the day, but biden is doing in late at night or early morning so they can hide it so who should we trust the people doing it in secret and then lying about it or the ones who openly do it and tell everyone they did it.

  3. People cannot watch MSNBC without a high level of damage to their BRAIN.
    This "media" is posionous and propaganda from sick leftists.

  4. What happens when you continue to abuse the word "Racist" you began to desensitize it!!! Choose your words wisely!!!

  5. This lady is completely stupid busing was started back in the late 60s early 70s but some black people to White schools not bustle them out of state but she was probably just not juicing her father's legs cuz she don't know what she's talking about it's one thing to be stupid it's nothing to open your mouth and prove it!!!!

  6. Hey Kamala, I've discovered the "Root Causes",. …wait for it …wait for it… You all currently holding office in the WH. see, wasn't hard.

  7. I made the biggest mistake in my life by Bolton for President Biden it will never happen again now I'm voice Republican


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