Mountaineer Nirmal Purja “Nims”, involved in an accident…

Source: Mountaineer Nirmal Purja “Nims”, involved in an accident…

Found on: 2022-10-15 10:37:24

The Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja “Nims”, who holds the record for having ascended the 14 eight-thousanders in less time, has been involved in a fatal accident involving a parachutist while they were on a training flight at the La Juliana aerodrome in Bollullos de la Mitacion (Seville). The deceased is a 36-year-old British special forces soldier, who is considered a qualified and experienced parachutist, according to the company that organized the jump. The accident occurred yesterday, Friday morning, when the two licensed skydivers were performing a sport jump practicing free fall maneuvers together, explains the report from the company that organized the flight, to which EFE has had access.

During the free-fall part, everything went well and both opened the parachute without incident, the report adds, stating that when flying their parachutes individually, the observers noticed what could be considered “intentional parachute maneuvers”, which consist of the approach of the two. These maneuvers caused the entanglement of the two parachutes, adds the company Skydive Spain. One of those involved, the Nepalese mountain climber, detached himself from the parachute and the entanglement, deployed the reserve parachute and landed safely, although the second could not do the same, he landed outside the normal zone and died, the report concludes.

When the accident occurred, the first to arrive in the area were agents from the Bollullos Local Police, who were told the details of the incident by one of the participants in the flight exercise. The mayor of Bollullos, Fernando Soriano, explained to EFE that the Local Police was the first to arrive at the scene of the event because the agents were barely a kilometer away organizing next week’s pilgrimage to the Cuatrovitas hermitage.

The mountaineer, who holds the record for the fastest ascent to fourteen “eight thousand” and is known as Nims, has millions of followers on social networks and became famous when in 2019 he crowned, with mountaineers from Nepal, the fourteen summits of more than 8,000 meters of the world in just seven months, for which he used the supplemental help of bottled oxygen. The mountaineer’s feat, which he uses as his motto “Nothing is impossible”, was reflected in the documentary “Project Possible 14/7 ″. Recently, the mountaineer published a video on social networks doing an acrobatic flight at the Seville aerodrome to which he added the text: “Greetings to everyone from my new office! Have a beautiful Monday friends. The mayor of Bollullos has highlighted that the La Juliana aerodrome is one of the best in Europe, especially in autumn and winter, because it allows jumps from more than 4,500 meters, which attracts specialists from all over the world to the facility.

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