Most Racist Moments Compilation Family Guy! (Part 2)

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36 thoughts on “Most Racist Moments Compilation Family Guy! (Part 2)”

  1. Never a fan of Racism or racist jokes. Not sorry if people disagree. What I did notice was a change in reactions across who was being made fun of.

  2. Laughing at each other, laughing with each other, and being able to enjoy each other's company…..that's where it's at!!

  3. "so we consider peter autistic"

    yeah i have autism. that is not autism or anywhere near autism. thats more like pschpathy LMAO bruh 'austistic" had me laughin with that 😂

    ngl tho family guy makes fun of EVERYONE just like south park. i mean shit if you cant laugh at yourself then life is gonna be shitty for ya.

  4. Really you don't know who Sarah Jessica Parker she's is a famous actress guy. What do we say all of you look totally confused because you didn't know who Sarah Jessica Parker was and then what are you actually fixing some ugly chick but you don't know who the ** she is.

  5. That shit wZ hilarious. White female here, from ca. So racism isn't as bad as other places. I think we all should lighten up and laugh at shit. Racist jokes are usually fucking funny. And I've heard plenty of white jokes that I laughed my ass off too.
    I just can't believe how big of a problem racism is in this country. It's b*******. Everybody's different, everybody's equal. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My Grandpa survived the Holocaust. He passed away in 2020 at 97. His second daughter was taken away and burned because you couldn't have more than one kid.

    I watch these videos and think of my young Grandpa who darn it, just didn't get a fair shake in life.

  7. You need to watch Blazing Saddles if you can get through Family Guy! Written by Richard Pryor. Starring Cleavon Little. Mel Brooks! And the Producers!

  8. The song "Power" (@Texas A&M Univ.) is played as the football team entrance piece just prior to kick-off for the AGGIES at Kyle Field. Some are claiming.."yeah, it's racially slurred and profane, but we don't sing the lyrics"- "It's just an instrumental". Others, "We play the clean version"….do what? If not for those horrendous lyrics, this song never would have existed. I suppose a posted/announced disclaimer at Kyle Field is in order? It's saddening and confusing the lengths some people will take to try and justify the existence of something that reflects so poorly on TX A&M. One of the chief obstacles to progressive change here is the fact that so few Aggies are even aware of the lyrics. That will change.

    What if the song contained lyrics promoting cop killing? Or encouraged the resumption of slavery? Or the abuse of children? The dissemination of AR15's? Would an "instrumental version" remain acceptable and appropriate knowing full well what those lyrics are? Are there any lines that can't be crossed today? Based on the former OU coach who recently resigned and the backlash created by the spectator at a BYU volleyball game, the data suggests there are. Musician Morgan Wallen was barred from the ACM award function just last year for using a racial slur. Recognize, trust and believe the data. Some things are just not acceptable.

    Others have suggested it's OK for a person of color to use these shameful and hurtful slurs and others can't…is this not racist in itself? Think long and hard about that one. That's a confusing and dangerous road to take. It's not OK. Learning to respect yourself might make respecting others an easier choice. I wonder what Dr. King's thoughts would be on this notion? Apply a little dose of tough love?

    Regardless, the extreme profanity with MF-bombs, references to sexual acts and organs in the song's lyrics should make the decision an easy one. Yeah, it's chocked full of beneficial goodness. The selection of such a crude song is very perplexing. At best. It's tradition now, but does that make it any less toxic and inappropriate? Google the lyrics…you'll be shocked. A state supported institution no less… One that prides itself on producing leaders.. Are $$$ and wins the priority here over common decency? Perhaps there wasn't an over-riding scheme/intent behind the decision maker's selection. If there was, the selection of this song in particular is somewhat distressing. Regardless of its popularity. We ought to be better than this.

    Our core values…..are some departments exempt perhaps? The AGGIE CODE of HONOR: "Is an effort to unify the aims of all Texas A&M men and women toward a high code of ethics and personal dignity ". Do we have a somewhat disturbing disconnect here? Are you a parent? Need to walk the talk IMO.

    Would there be any negative consequences if another song, lyrically devoid of racial slurs and profanity was chosen as a replacement?

    A&M has an optimal opportunity here at becoming part of the answer, not the problem. Tough love for Texas A&M…we are better than this. Gigem

  9. It really just points out how absurd racism is. It's very odd that some people don't like others based on how much melanin they have . And its just a differmece in skin color that bothers some…It is ike not liking people that have brown eyes. Wouldn't that be something..
    Police officer sees a man walking with brown eyes and stops to frisk because he thinks people with brown eyes commit more crime. Getting a harsher sentence because of your eye color. Jails full of people with brown eyes for committing a much less serious crime than the others with blue eues. Not getting a job because of your brown eyes. It's just hard to wrap your head around how people's minds work

  10. asking if everyone thinks Peter is autistic….reminds me of an old IT Crowd clip where the girlfriend of the character Roy calls him emotionally autistic….he confuses it with emotionally artistic, and doesn't realize how self-unaware he is. IT Crowd was a great show, y'all should catch some episodes of that.

  11. The funny part about these is the show is actually pointing out the complete foolishness of racism, so when it gets labeled offensive or racist it’s really the opposite, censoring it and acting like it isn’t real is far worse.


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