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Niko Omilana travels to Harrison, Arkansas to find out whether its really IS the most racist town in America, along the way he makes friends, but also pulls off one of the greatest pranks ever.
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  1. Welsh independence flag? No it's just the Ddraig Goch, our local authorities use it as it is recognised as an official flag

  2. Bro, you're kinda racist. Imagine thinking so little of people that you have to try and explain what racism is to a minority.

  3. Isn't it racist to say that racism is just about black people 🤔

    There are also asians, native americans, caucasians, Slavic people that experience racism…

    When i was in korea as a white woman i was Also called names for dating a man "of theirs"… Obviously not as much and hatefully as most other ethnicities experience it but racism is not a concept for one special skin color.. asians are racist against their own people too!

  4. i feel like yeah its basically impossible for an entire area/town to be racist but the major issue with it all is that everyone makes excuses and tolerates the racism around them and normalizes it. THAT is what makes a town racist…

  5. He talks a lot about making general assumptions (talking about people seeing towns being overran by racists because of the actions if a few), but then he also groups half the country into democrats or republicans. As a European this is the most shocking thing. To be able to judge someone just because of their political beliefs is the most antiquated thing I’ve heard in a while

  6. Richard about to buy the most pimped out EDH deck you’ve ever seen on your life with that foot surgery money and I’m here for it.

  7. The best example of this is if you observed 4 toddlers (1 “black” kid, 1 kid of oriental descent, 1 Latino kid, and 1 white kid) in a sandbox… you would see them interacting with each other like kids do. Just innocent children having fun at a playground.


    It’s a whole different story on how they interact

  8. I'm stoned so I will answer a 7-month-old video. Before I moved to the country, I lived in an apartment in a big city in Canada. This was back in 1999 while in my early 20s. I knew what racism was but had never really heard or seen anyone be racist until this moment. The first time I truly felt like I was living in a dream for just a moment was when one of the older occupants, from the building I lived in and whom I helped regularly, started yelling at some young black men on the side of the street from where he was sitting on his balcony on the second floor. I was walking back from the bus stop and was just appalled at what I heard come out of his mouth; he had told them to go back home and used a derogatory term. He had always been kind and courteous towards me, going as far as to help me with money every now and then as I was a single mum. But that day made me realize I could no longer assist someone or take money from someone who acted in such a vulgar manner in front of my young son. Now it is the end of 2022 and my son, and I have seen more racism than we can imagine. Living in the country has also opened my eyes to how people live sheltered lives. My daughter attended a country school and up until three years ago. That year was the first year a black student started at this school. I bring this up because we don't have enough diversity in our rural areas and the far-right ideologies run rampant in these areas which leads to the alienation of rural societies. I fear for this little girl, who had recently arrived from Haiti, since racism in rural areas, including ours, it’s simply not obvious and only rears its head when we least expect it.

  9. What's the difference between putting on a stereotypical English accent an saying oi bruv and putting on a stereotypical Chinese accent and saying something offensive?

  10. As someone who lives in Northwest Arkansas (it sucks Harrison isnt what people would call NWA. Northwest Arkansas is Fayetville, Bentonville (Wallmart) Springdale, (Tyson Chicken) and the surrounding area.

  11. i agree with everything you say but then you make it about liberals and conservatives and i disagree with everything. hate is hate. it will exist regardless of political position.


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