More Footage Emerges Of Racist Karen Who Spit On Muslims

Uploaded By: Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Additional video has come to light of a Karen who spit on Muslims at a Walgreens. Dr. Rashad Richey and Ben Carollo discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Watch video here:


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Watch more at: More Footage Emerges Of Racist Karen Who Spit On Muslims

24 thoughts on “More Footage Emerges Of Racist Karen Who Spit On Muslims”

  1. I someone sporting a face like that spit on me I would forget all about my "I do not hit women" credo… BOOM

  2. Muslims siding with the ofays again to not get in good trouble with the ofays
    If it were the original Muslims, they would’ve went all out
    How you get spat on & say no thx to pressing charges smh they immigrant groups are scary

  3. How is She going to call Them ugly with Her no lip, saggy, no @ss, hairy, wet chicken smelling fast aging lying tail. They don’t like themselves so much, they have to buy booties, Kip injections, burn in the sun to get color, use products to puff up and thin Ken their hair, etc. don’t let them put those thoughts in Your Head. You are God’s Chosen People, not the fake Jews either.

  4. I know Richey is a fan of MLK, and he would nvr encourage someone to hurt another. Revenge is petty, but cultivation is uplifting. Is it not more practical to inspire others to be kind, rather than hurting them into kindness?

  5. How many times have these racists ALWAYS claim to be "Christians"! It's like they follow the same playbook, believing that their privilege allows them to sin against God…and still believe that they're heaven bound. These, to me are some of the lowest scum in the planet.

  6. I don't think her being anti-muslim had anything to do with it I think she just didn't like black folks and I think she just didn't like the fact that they were also Muslim it's like this when you get an arguments with the YT community it starts off as something else and then they start nitpicking about other things like you can live in Texas but they will talk about Chicago the whole time to win an argument like what do you have to do with Chicago but that's how they are they are inherited narcissist and that's exactly why the word has become very trendy because it's populating amongst these people who now realize that it is now genetical trade up theirs

  7. I actually like how Muslim women dress I think they are very beautiful even when face is covered. We see so much ass and titts it a bit much nowadays.. this is also how Christians do act. They are Perceived differently than they have always acted over time. To put this in the context they sent out missionaries before they ever did a conquest or massacre so that just lets you know how these people really are and how they hide behind different things that make them appear to be great

  8. right wingers who claim they are Christian are not really by their own actions Christian. They may yell praise Jesus but they dont follow his teachings. they spread hate, violence, murder, discrimination. they go against every thing the Christian faith stands for.

  9. Claims to be a 'Christian' but she's comfortable assaulting people verbally and physically, trying to leverage her Christianity to get away with her racism. Too bad the people she assaulted did not press charges.

  10. I have a lot of Muslim friends, they are hardworking, decent, caring people. I am godfather to one of my Muslim friends kids. This racisms needs to stop! we are all people, we may look different on the outside, but we are all the same in the inside. #StopRacism!


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