Mike “DJLilCuz” Coppola — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Found on: 2022-06-20 13:15:15

Source: Mike “DJLilCuz” Coppola — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Michael Coppola and I were together on-and-off since 2009. He was the only person I was ever in a relationship with and the only person I ever loved. Throughout the years, he has constantly lied and cheated. He has borrowed money from me and others he has been in relationships with and has never paid back. He has also participated in fraudulent activities and has used and possibly may still use a variety of different drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, molly, etc. He uses women as ‘cover-ups’ and has sexual relations with MEN behind those women’s backs…

although he has had sex with women and is currently having sex with the girl he is currently using as a ‘cover-up’, he claims that ‘it still doesn’t feel right.’ He is using her as a ‘cover-up’ to please his family and to hide his true identity of being gay to the rest of the world. In March of 2017, our relationship ended due to his sneaky behavior and my suspicions of him cheating. Things were fine before the break up and we agreed that he would no-longer use women as ‘cover-ups’ and that he would be 100% faithful and devoted to me. He promised that he was going to get a place with me and that we were going to get married by the state. Behind my back, he was cheating on me with this girl who happened to also work at the Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar at Ocean Manor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Michael is a manager at the Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar and the girl was and may still be a server there. After all of these years, he promised me he was done living a lie and that he would stop causing me the pain he has caused me. I had hoped and prayed he would sincerely become a better man. That was not the case. He became much worse. He has slandered me to family, friends, and strangers. He has made up lies about me to the girl he is currently using as a ‘cover-up’, and he has never apologized or paid me back the $600 he still owes me. He also owes his ex-girlfriend over $1,000+ which she will never see a penny of. He has used many women as ‘cover-ups’ and then has sex with men and plays with their feelings. He is a very manipulative narcissistic sociopath who will do whatever he can to get what he wants. He has no heart and no true feelings for anyone. He will use you for attention, sex, money, and the rest of his needs. After he uses you, he will then cheat on you with someone else and start using that person. He used to be a DJ for many nightclubs in South Florida and used the stage name ‘DJ Lil Cuz’, which he still goes by on some of his social media accounts. Since June of 2017, he and I have spoken every single day and since then, he even promised me that he was going to finally stop living a lie and that he was going to leave this brainwashed girl he is currently using. His LIES go on and on and on and on… and it would take an entire book to ‘out’ every single thing about him, but you get the point… He is a CON MAN… A CHEATER… A LIAR… A FRAUD… A PLAYER… A CLOSETED MAN… AND A THIEF… I am very lucky he didn’t pass on any STDs to me, but God only knows what he could have from all the men he has had sexual relations with as well as from the females he uses as ‘cover-ups’. This man is a BAD GUY. Currently, the girl he is using has no idea that he has been utilizing different dating websites seeking men behind her back… and at the same time while doing that – has expressed how he wants for him and I to get back together… He promises to tell the girl the truth so that he can break it off with her and still he hasn’t done so YET. None of it makes any sense. STAY AWAY FROM HIM… HE IS BAD NEWS… YOU’LL REGRET IT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE… He is a FRAUD and LIVES A LIE… By the way, there is recorded phone conversations between him and I all over YouTube and Instagram…

Source: Mike “DJLilCuz” Coppola — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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