Melodee [email protected] Cody Powers Melodee Eley —…

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Source: Melodee [email protected] Cody Powers Melodee Eley —…

Melodee [email protected] Cody Powers Melodee Eley — professional scammer United States

Melodee Eva-Zacchara is a crazy criminal. Melodee Eva Zacchara is an alias. Sometimes Melodee goes by Melissa or Melodee Eley. Melodee Eva Zacchara has harrassed lots of people with frevloious lawsuits. Current lawsuit is Sean Murry vs. Cody Powers. Melodee EVA-ZACCHARA doesn’t work and takes advantage of poor suspecting ugly white men. Melodee EVA-ZACCHARA pretends she was born jewish or converted. Melodee Eva Zacchara is after money. Cody Powers doesnt know the Melodee EVA-ZACCHARA has been married a dozen times before and some of the men have died. Melodee has defamed many people with frevloious lawsuits such as the cataina in Calabasas saying that they are racist.

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