Medizone/CTI Financers – Ozone spa machine

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Source: Medizone/CTI Financers – Ozone spa machine

I purchased the ozone machine on credit from the two representatives of medizone. The machine initially cost R15 500 but when I was doing the paper work it cost R16 049, I then asked why 16 049 they told me that it because they have included the insurance and delivery service because the machine comes from their head office in cape town. I didn’t mind and accepted their explanation. I asked them how much the machine will cost since I am buying it on credit, they said with the same price of R16 049 and told me that there will be a lady who would phone me to confirm whether I have received the machine and that I am aware how much the machine cost. Indeed within an hour the lady phone me to make confirmation and ask me that I’m aware that the machine cost R16 049, I told her that I’m aware. She said they will start to debit R808 09 on my bank account on the 2 November 2018. When we were doing the paper work to buy the machine the supervisor gave me a separate form to fill and explained before I could fill it that it is a form that gives their company a right to apply for a loan on my behalf should I fail to pay my account for two conservative months and promised to send me all the paper work that I have done with them within a week but that did not happen. I tried to phone them to ask about my contract but the phone was not answered until I personally went to their office. There was nobody, the house they use as their office in Bloemfontein was locked. In May 2019 the company tried to debit money in my bank account and find that there was no money because they had debited earlier than our agreed date then a lady phone me from their head office to inquire why I haven’t paid my account. I told her they tried to debited earlier than our agreed date. This incident gave me an opportunity to inquire about my outstanding balance because I don’t receive any monthly statements from them (even to date). She told me that my outstanding balance was +-R14000. I asked how can it be because I pay them every month? She said it because her company is a financial institution so I asked them to grant me a loan. I told her I never asked them any loan even the lady (who her name I still have) did not tell me that the company is a financial institution. This was when I realise that these company has deceived me and unfortunately I’m not the only one in Bloemfontein, I have a list of people who are also have been taken for a ride by this company (Medizone/CTI financers). Now they are threatening to blacklist me in credit bureau because I refuse to pay them. How can I pay a SCAMMER!

Found At: Medizone/CTI Financers – Ozone spa machine

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