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Found on: 2022-10-16 00:43:57

Source: Marcelina Abeita New Mexico – STD Monitor

This is the dirtiest girl she was sleeping with the father of my kids knowing we are together and had given him and drd I had confronted her about the texting and meeting up with and the nudes she had sent him and she had the nerves to ask me and who are you and I told her I’m the mother of his kids and we have a family and asked me why and I said seriously leave my family alone and she told me she would not stop until she has what is mine which is the family we had built and think he was going to leave me for her but no that did not happen she continue to send him nudes and saying that they were still meeting up and she tried every she could to ruin it so watch out for this dirty sloot homewrecker

Source: Marcelina Abeita New Mexico

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