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I bought a Maltese from them 2 years ago. Although before driving 3 hours to pick up the dog, they told me I could meet the mother. Upon arriving they would not let me meet the mother or allow me in the home. The puppy was so adorable, I couldn’t resist him and I had just driven for 3 hours. My fifteen y/o Maltese had recently passed and I was having a difficult time finding what I hoped was a reputable breeder.

I have two complaints, my vet and anyone who has met the dog agrees something happened and he was probably dropped a few times as a puppy. He tenses up whenever he is being held. He is very stiff in his movements still to this day. He is skittish of people and has been since I brought him home (Maltese are usually very friendly to people).

On my second complaint, neither I, my vet or my groomer believe he is a full Maltese. He has some mild coloring on his ears but also on his back. He is larger than the 6 or 7 pounds they said he would be. He is 10 pounds and in no way fat, he is all muscle (Not typical of a Maltese). His hair is not typical Maltese, it is wavier and flows in many different directions. I was charged for a purebred, but don’t believe that is what my Milo is.

As we fall in love with our dogs the minute we get them, I would never have considered returning him. He is part of my family, quirks and all. I just want consumers to BEWARE when purchasing from these people.

I have since purchased another male Maltese from a reputable breeder. He is AKC registered and has all the characteristics of a purebred Maltese. If you want a true Maltese, I recommend getting AKC papers and doing due diligence on the breeder. Insist on recommendations from previous buyers.

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