Lyft Driver Refuses Racist Customers

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A ride-share driver in Pennsylvania is going viral for standing up to two racist passengers who made offensive remarks and threatened to punch him. The incident reportedly occurred outside a bar called Fossil’s Last Stand in the Lehigh Valley on May 13.

‘For everyone reaching out and showing support, thank you. I appreciate it, truly,’ the driver, whose name is James W. Bode, said in a subsequent Facebook post. ‘But this is the way it should be everywhere, every time. I shouldn’t be ‘the guy’ who did it or said it…we should all be that person. Speak up if you’re uncomfortable with it because it makes them uncomfortable, as they should be. F*ck racism.’

Lyft also issued a tweet praising Bode for ‘instantly shutting down this hate & upholding our no tolerance anti-discrimination policy.’
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27 thoughts on “Lyft Driver Refuses Racist Customers”

  1. The bigots name is Jackie, and she claimed to be the owner of FOSSILS LAST STAND in Pennsylvania. If youre in PA. Dont give them your business. 💕

  2. What a good guy doing this. If you’re not against and don’t speak out against racism and oppression then you’re siding with it.

  3. The driver did right, and the Catasauqua Police also did right, in not pressing charges.
    Laws on the books, against frree speech, is a slippery slope.
    Society will punish this couple, and that's sufficient.

  4. I honestly didn’t know “n***gr lover is still a saying. makes me cry. Even though i know I shouldn’t be shocked. It still hurts.

  5. Huge respect to the driver for actually standing up against those racists , if it were anybody else they would've just ignored it which is a wrong thing to do

  6. The fact that the English language was forced upon many races across the world and for them to be mad and say learn English how about people just accept diversity in a world where color is just beautiful.

  7. I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to not only think that way but to verbalize it and think that since it’s a fellow white person they can all ban together and just laugh about it.. like that’s disgusting. Like no not all white people should be/ is racist and laugh off racist comments with other white people because they feel like they can be themselves around them.. disturbing behavior.

  8. Not worth it! Anyone in this situation like the driver does not know if the passengers have a gun. I repeat not worth it! No words just drive away.


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