Lyft Driver Kicks Out Passenger Over Racist Comments

Uploaded By: NBC10 Philadelphia

A Lyft driver in the Lehigh Valley kicked a woman out of his ride over her racist comment. A man who was with the woman made a racist remark as well and threatened to attack the Lyft driver. NBC10’s Deanna Durante has video of the incident which has gone viral.

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23 thoughts on “Lyft Driver Kicks Out Passenger Over Racist Comments”

  1. Reading all the comments on this video, I realize that America is in big trouble. The autoimmune disease is everywhere.

  2. damn I would be that one colored or Latino driver, just thinking of doing my job and not really thinking these people probably think of me as someone less of them just because of skin color or cultural background (nationality)
    it's really sad honestly, we haven't understand that most of us are on the same path and are really brothers trying to be better in life without those stupid obstacles of thinking you are less just because of where you were born…

  3. Good for him it’s not popular to be white these days and mostly blacks talk shit if a white gut is in a black hood soo USA needs a lot help still

  4. I wonder how long this guy was waiting for his 5 minutes if fame? Those two are obnoxious but he is self righteous, which is just as ugly and destructive.

  5. Hell I'm even surprised, hell if we could take a deep look inside most American houses holds we would find some VERY disturbing things that go far beyond what we see here.🙄🤔🤔😳

  6. Racism is wrong and unacceptable, but that comment about making people feel uncomfortable is just naive. In this big bad ass world you are 100% going to be made to feel uncomfortable many, many times. You are going to be insulted, held back, and life is just not going to be fair most of the time. Grow up and thicken your skin.

  7. This is what happens with forced multiculturalism like in US mix races , I belive racism is a natural defense behavior.

  8. Maybe it was Mary who was getting a Uber with Joseph …… I hear they hang around in Bethlehem

  9. Could someone genuinely explain to me what makes the first girl they interviewed racist and complicit with the racism in this video? To me it sounds absolutely absurd. I've heard the argument she said that it's okay to have those opinions as long as you keep them to yourself, but that is not at all what she said.

    "I think everyone should keep their opinions to themselves. Everyone does have their own opinions, but it's not okay to make someone so uncomfortable they need to kick you out of their car and can't do their own job."

    I'm not denying she missed the point that's all well and established, she should have said something more in-tune with the situation, but what I'm asking is why does this make her a horrible person?

  10. Jackie and Carl Harford also own the New Tripoli Hotel in Lynn Township. If they could still get away with it, they’d probably have either a “We serve Whites Only” or “No Coloreds Allowed” signs in front of their businesses.

  11. For those wondering. They also verbally threatened him after he kicked them out for being bad people.

  12. I'm trying to understand why so many are rude to these private drivers. I think many are enebrieated, jealous, or using drugs.

  13. Hahaha think about how pissed these racist mofos were when they got rejected 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. This is the problem racism should have consequences. It should be against the the law to be racist. Not just angry reactions.


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