Luxury Con Man Jonathan “Jay” Buki –

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Source: Luxury Con Man Jonathan “Jay” Buki –

Luxury Con Man Jonathan “Jay” Buki

Hey all Please watch tf out for this guy !! His IG is [REDACTED] & he Just turned 26 I believe he’s in van still… but travels to kelowna, calgary and Edmonton. Grew up in Edmonton. And went to [REDACTED]. He claims to be in the events & nightlife industry, his company is [REDACTED] He also claims to own multiple luxury homes and condos in Vancouver, Kelowna & Edmonton. He claims to own a cannabis grow op… He claims he has a business renting out 10 Airbnb’s in downtown Vancouver … Oh and he has a Real Estate Development company 🙄🙄 He has an Engineering Degree and He speaks 5 languages fluently .. Seems like a total catch. Some of the above is true butttt it’s all twisted with so much fukery. He uses primarily Instagram but also tinder and other apps to pick up new chicks everywhere. I was casually involved w him may/June before I gave him the boot once finding out how seedy he was being. Told him from day 1 he was either a con man or I was locking him up in the basement. He’s a con man. We started talking a couple months before we actually met when he came down to visit me from Van. I saw red flags from beginning but was fresh out a 2 year relationship so also kinda dumb lol I was very clear I wasn’t looking for a relationship just fwb. He made a point of being extremely emotionally manipulative, saying things and doing things that would fuk with ANY girls head. Verbally stating he wasn’t seeing any other girls repeatedly and talking about future sh1t. It was fukin weird. He still owes me $1500 from spring but has been ignoring my msgs for months. He’s an incredible liar. He would suggest we go for dinner or get drinks then say he didn’t have his wallet or ID or whatever and that he’d etransfer me. Then his car got broken into and wallet and phones and lap tops stolen, no access to his accounts. Just a credit card. (Fraud cards I later learned) Eventually I started keeping a tab. It got to $2400 by the time I figured out a few of his lies confirmed. Anywho Long story short -I had found out he told all his friends/ppl that he owned my house in Kelowna and I was his tenant there. -He brought a girl over and slept with her in my bed when I went camping one weekend when he happened to be in town. He later introduced us and and we clicked and about a month later went for drinks and that’s when we put it all together – he banged a chick in a hotel bathroom while he was with ^^ the girl he banged in my bed, shortly before he brought them and a third girl to a pool party I said he could bring his friend to…. so fuked up. -he brought out of town friends to my house whom he said were long time close homies he trusted. I later found out these people BARELY knew him and thought the whole Situation was kinda weird. Oh ya and again, he had told them it was his house too 😂😂😂 – he’s burned multiple ppl financially and emotionally in Edmonton and Calgary. Apparently not even allowed in certain parts of Edmonton. He has an “assistant” who “works” for him… I’ve contacted her with info and questions but she just went straight to him. AT LEAST 2 other girls have also contacted her with no success. The girl in the screenshots below mentioned his assistant only said she had signed an NDA and had no comment?? She’s an RN. And connected to credit card fraud. Kinda concerning. There’s much more but this is enough info, along with the following screenshots, to see he’s not safe at all. I had a girl msg me on IG the other night.. Theses are some of the screenshots She said it was okay to share all her info I was bout to post him on the dirty like last week as I had the urge for first time in a while. I started and then stopped cuz I didn’t wanna bring up all the sh1tty energy in myself. Then this girl msgs me a couple days later lol I must have been picking up on her search for info, like in the quantum field? Lol, crazy Time to share share shareeeeee Fuk that guy lol Please spread the word ** I included the two towel photos just because why tf not **

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